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Introduction to i>clicker Version 6.1

Congratulations on your adoption of i>clicker, the easiest-to-use classroom response system available. This guide will enable you to quickly start using i>clicker’s basic functions, as well as learn to use its more advanced features. Before you begin using i>clicker, please read the important How to Use This Guide section below for information on how to quickly get started.

i>clicker version v6.1 includes many improvements to i>clicker and i>grader, including support for numeric and alphanumeric responses using the i>clicker2 remotes. The upgrade to i>clicker v6.1 is only required if your students have purchased i>clicker2 remotes and you plan to ask numeric or alphanumeric questions in your classroom. If you do not plan to ask numeric or alphanumeric questions, you may continue to use the i>clicker 5.x software.

The i>clicker v6.1 upgrade impacts both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The upgrade will not affect the data in your existing iclicker Win or iclicker Mac folders.


IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from i>clicker version 5.3 or earlier, you should refer to the section Converting from i>clicker 5.3 or Earlier of this guide.

How to Use This Guide

The i>clicker help files and User Guide are organized so that you can quickly setup and start using i>clicker. All of the instructions you need to start using i>clicker are included in The Basics: Setting Up and Starting i>clicker. Please review The Basics before you begin using i>clicker. Once you have mastered The Basics, you can begin exploring the many additional features in i>clicker.


NOTE: The i>clicker software for Windows and Macintosh are nearly identical. In cases where functionality is different for Windows and Macintosh, instructions specific to each operating system are provided.

Table of contents

  1. The Basics: Setting Up and Starting i>clicker
  2. Preparing For Class
  3. Using i>clicker in the Classroom
  4. Grading and Viewing Results
  5. Using i>clicker with BeachBoard
    Using i>clicker with BeachBoard (PDF)
  6. Additional Support

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In addition to this User Guide, we have many support options available. Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you have regarding i>clicker.

Our office is located in AS 120 and we are open for drop-in or appointments from 8am - 8pm Monday thru Thursday, and 8am - 5pm on Friday. Feel free to email us at ITSS.

Additional Support

For additional support, visit

To schedule live training, visit and sign up for a training session where they review the software in its entirety. Or email at to schedule a session.

If you have a specific technical question and need help, email at or call toll-free at 866-209-5698.

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