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Exporting Grade Data

You can export student grade data as CSV files. CSV (comma separated value) is a simple file type that can be read by nearly all text editors, spreadsheet, and database programs, including Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers. You can export grade date in General format or in a format that is ready to upload into your course management system. The General format is discussed below. For details on specific course management systems, please see the related documentation available at

To export your student grade data:

  1. From the i>grader Home Page, click Export Export Button.
  2. The Select session to be exported window appears. Click the checkbox(s) next to all session that you want to export or click Select All.

    Select Session to Export Window
    Select session to be exported window

  3. Click Next.
  4. The Select Export Options screen appears. Select the Student Data, Session Data (data for each individual session), and Aggregate Data (the combined performance points, participation points, and total point for all the selected sessions) to be exported.

    Select Export Options Window
    Select Export Options

NOTE: The Select Export Options are only available when you are using i>clicker with the General/Non-CMS setting. If you are exporting i>clicker data in a format specific to your campus CMS, you will only be able to export the total points for each individual session and the aggregate points for all or selected sessions.

  1. Click Export.
  2. The Save Export File window appears. Select the filename and folder location in which to save the exported file. (By default, the export file is named UploadFile.csv and is saved in your class folder.

NOTE: By changing the filename each time you save an exported file you can keep a history of your exports. For example, you might choose to add today's date at the end of each export (SessionExport_11_24_10.csv).

Sample Exported Report in Excel
Sample data export in Microsoft Excel


NOTE: Your file may be saved/named slightly differently if you are using i>clicker with your campus course management system (and have followed the steps required to enable i>clicker files to be formatted for your particular course management system).

Uploading grades from i>grader into BeachBoard:

  1. When your i>clicker session is complete, open i>grader. To export data from selected sessions, check the box at the top of each column you want to export, next to the session name or date. Then click Export Selected Sessions as csv file from the main i>grader screen. To export the whole term, click Export All Sessions. The scores will be saved in the course folder within MyCoursePC/MyCourseMac as a file called Uploadfile.csv.
  2. Log into BeachBoard (and into your course) and click on Grades from your course navigation.
  3. On the left-hand side under Grades Area, click Enter Grades.
  4. Click Import Grades.
  5. Click the Browse button and find the UploadFile.csv file in your main course folder. Select it and click Open. It will appear in the field next to the Browse button.
  6. Next to Item Creation: select the check box for Create new grade item when an unrecognized item is referenced. Then click Next.
  7. Select the Create New Grade Itemcheck box beside each of the items you want to create.
    • Select a grade item Type.
    • Click Next.
  8. Fill in the grade items’ details. See Creating a grade item for more information.
    1. Click Next.
  9. On the next screen view any error and warning messages associated with the import, and click Next.
    1. Note: Fields with errors are not imported.
  10. Confirm your changes and click Import. The Import New Grade Item icon New Grade Item icon will appear under the new item name.
  11. You will now be sent back to the Enter Grades area, where the new grades will appear. To add more assignments from the i>grader file, repeat steps 2-10.

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