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Updating i>clicker

From time to time there will be updates made to the i>clicker and i>grader programs. These updated versions can be downloaded free of charge using the WebUpdate application which you will find in the iclicker Win folder. WebUpdate icon (Web Update icon for i>Clicker 5.3 for i>clicker 5.3; Web Update icon for i>clicker 5.4for i>clicker 5.4) in your i>clicker folder, making sure the computer you are using has access to the internet.

The WebUpdate application checks the i>clicker website for the version numbers of the latest available i>clicker and i>grader applications and compares these to the ones in your current i>clicker folder.

If either or both of your applications are not the latest available you will be given information about the newer version(s) and the opportunity to update.


3/22/10: There is an update available for i>clicker PC users to version 5.4.5
2/19/10: There is an update available for i>clicker MAC users to version 5.4.4

There is an update available for i>clicker PC users to version 5.4.2 (updated 9/11/09) and i>clicker Mac users to version 5.4.1 (updated 10/22/09). The i>clicker 5.4 version removes the need for having multiple folders by completely changing the file structure. 5.3 and 5.4 will both be supported for the fall 2009 semester, then we will move exclusively to 5.4.

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