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Score Settings and Preferences

In this section, you are able to establish the point values earned for actively participating in class and for answering questions correctly. It can be found on the far right tab "Scoring" under My settings and Preferences.

PARTICIPATION (Session-Based) Points

Participation points are awarded to students who attend and vote during lecture (encouraging student engagement). Participation points are awarded by overall session activity, not by individual question.

  1. Session Participation Points: This field allows you to enter the number of points students earn in any given session for meeting the participation requirement, as defined in #2. Participation Requirement, below.
  2. Requirement to Earn Participation Points: To earn the point value established above, students must respond to a certain percentage of questions in a session. Depending upon the total number of questions, i-clicker will automatically calculate the minimum number of responses needed.

*Example: If you enter “10” points in Session Participation Points and there are 10 questions in a session, a student must respond to all 10 questions to earn the 10 points if you had chosen Students must respond to 100% of the questions option. If you have chosen the Student must respond to at least one question option, the student must respond to a minimum of 1 question to earn 10 points.


Performance points are awarded to students by question for specific answers. Students can earn performance points without earning participation points, depending on your preference.

  1. Points for Responding: This field allows you to enter the default number of points students are awarded for any answer. These are different from participation points in that they reward students for performance by question, whereas participation points reward students for participation by session.
  2. Points for Correct Response: This field allows you to reward students for choosing the correct answer for each question, in addition to any performance points you award in for simply answering the question.
    In the above example, students are given one point simply for answering the question (even if their answer is not correct), plus an additional 4 points for getting the answer right.

Total Performance Points

Here, you can cap the number of total performance points a student can earn in a single session. Example: If your maximum is capped at five points, and you hold a 6 question session with each question worth one point, even if a student answers all 6 questions correctly, the most she can earn for that session is 5 points.


*You may choose to set these preferences for the entire term (course) or session. Your choices and selections on the Scoring Options page will appear in the i-grader Set Session Scoring window for subsequent lecture(s).

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