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There are two ways to manage your roster using the i>clicker and i>grader. The first is to download your roster from your BeachBoard gradebook. And the second way is to modify for roster.txt document found in your course folder. (The folder you copied off of the i>clicker thumb drive.)

To Download your BeachBoard gradebook roster

  1. Log into your BeachBoard course which you want to download the roster.
  2. On your course navigation, click on Grades.
  3. On the left hand side under Grades Area, click on the Enter Grades link.
  4. Click on Export Grades.
  5. For the Key Field, select Org Defined ID.
  6. For User Details, select Last Name and First Name.
  7. Click on the Export to CSV button.
  8. The Export Grades window will open with a link to the CSV file. Do NOT open this file.
  9. Right-click on the link (MAC users: Control and click), and click Save target as.. or Save link as..
  10. Rename the file gradesexport.csv and save the file on your desktop.
  11. Open the i>clicker folder and click on the Classes folder.
  12. Double-click on the name of the class that you want to set the roster you have just downloaded
    • i>clicker folder > Classes > Course Name [e.g. ECON 100]
  13. Locate the file that you have downloaded from BeachBoard (with the name gradesexport.csv) and move it into your course folder opened in step 12.
  14. Start the i>clicker program, choose the course which you added the roster and click on Choose.
  15. Click on Your Settings and Preferences
  16. Click on the Registration/Export tab
  17. On Course Management System choose the option Desire2Learn.
  18. Click the Set For Course button.
  19. Open the i>grader icon and check if your roster displays [display by Student ID or Last Name].

To manually set up your roster (not recommended for large classes)

  1. Open your i>clicker course folder
  2. Double-click on Classes and double click again on the course folder where you want to create the roster.
  3. Open the roster.txt file
  4. Delete the instructions that are written on the file so it is a clear file
  5. Only putting one student per line, type in your roster as in the following example:
    Last, First, Student id
    Doe, John, 123456789
  6. Under File choose Save.

Synchronizing the roster with students' i>clicker remotes

Synchronizing Student's Web Registration with your Roster

*Note, This is for students who registered online and not in class using the Roll Call registration.

  1. Your students must have registered their i>clicker remotes on the i>clicker website ( They can go to Students Recourses Page if they need help registering their i>clicker.
  2. You must have run at least one i>clicker session in class, and each student must have answered at least 1 question. 
  3. Launch i>grader on the MyCoursePC or MyCourseMac
  4. Choose your course and click on Open i>grader
  5. Click on Synchronize Student Web Registrations*

*The Web Synchronization function will take the remote IDs from the session you conducted with your students, and look for them via a SQL database server. It will match the i>clicker remotes used in your class to the user IDs your students registered with on the Web site. The student user IDs are then checked against the usernames found in the exported file from the Blackboard grade book. If your students did not register using their Blackboard usernames, you will be prompted to accept or ignore the registration. We recommend jotting down that user's information and choosing ignore. Then ask the student to register again using the correct information.

Roll Call Registration

This registration option is only recommended for small classes with fewer than 50 students. The two registration options (Web and Roll Call) can also be used in combination.

To use Roll Call, your computer screen needs to be projected so that all students can see it.

  1. Launch i>clicker and click Start Session
  2. Click the Options button ( ) on the floating toolbar and select Loan/Register Clickers from the menu
  3. Click the Roll Call button in the displayed window. The Roll Call Screen Will appear with a scrolling list of names from the class roster file.
  4. When names scroll into the central blue area, letters appear in the first column of boxes. Instruct students to press the letter on their i>clicker that corresponds  to the letter next to their name. Once they've entered the first letter, a new letter appears in the second column. They must also enter that letter to confirm the registration.


 registeras seen on PC                                                                       as seen on Mac

A Scroll peed radio buttons
B Students waiting for Step Two to begin registration
C Students need to use their remote to enter the letter next to their name
D Student successfully completed registration
E Student needs to enter the second confirmation letter next to their name to finalize registration
F Close button to exit from the Roll Call screen

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