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Polling Settings

The Polling Settings allow you to customize the session toolbar and set the polling timer as count up or count down.

Polling Settings
Polling tab in My Settings window

Customize Toolbar

The size of the session toolbar and the question type buttons can be customized to meet your specific needs. Click the drop-down menu to select the toolbar size. Select the buttons in the Current toolbar buttons list and click Remove to remove any of the buttons in the toolbar. Once removed, select the buttons from the Available toolbar buttons list and click Add to place them back on the toolbar. The toolbar beneath the button lists provides an example of what your customized toolbar will look like.


TIP: If you will only be using i>clicker to ask A-E questions, you may wish to remove the Numeric Response and Alphanumeric Response buttons. This will decrease the size of the toolbar and provide more viewing room for your presentations.

Polling Timer

When you start polling a timer begins. The default i>clicker timer counts upward, beginning with zero. In the default setting, you must click the Stop button Stop Button to end polling. You may choose instead to define a countdown time. To select the count down timer, click the Count down from radio button and select the count down timer start time from the drop-down menu.


TIP: In countdown mode, the up and down buttons to the right of the timer allow you to add or subtract 5 seconds as needed. You can still stop polling by pressing the Stop button on the Session Toolbar.

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