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What are Clickers?

Clickers are wireless handheld devices that allow students to respond to classroom polls, low-stakes quizzes, and attendance, regardless of class size and common student dynamics. These simple remotes transmit individual student responses to an instructor's laptop to record and to share class feedback back to the students.  A non-binding resolution via the Academic Senate and supported by Associated Students Inc. (ASI) encourages CSULB instructors to utilize iClicker.


Step 1

Add iClicker to course navigation in BeachBoard to enable students to register iClicker. You must repeat this step for each course iClicker will be used in.

Step 2

Click the Download iClicker button to get the iClicker Software. Do not get it from the iClicker website. Once you have saved the file onto your computer, unzip the file. Proceed to Step 3.

Download iClicker Software button
Download iClicker for MAC Software button

Step 3

After you have downloaded and unzipped the iClicker software, click the Instructor Help button to see the iClicker help files.

Instructor Help button


Click the button below for student frequently asked questions.

Student FAQ button

Why use Clickers in the class?

  • Increase class participation and improve attendance
  • Spark debate and discussion in class
  • Provide easy grade opportunities
  • Assess class understanding of a topic
  • Identify students who need additional assistance
  • Instructors can use clickers as a tool to gage students' understanding
  • Act as a quiz/exam delivery system
  • Integrate results with BeachBoard.


In addition to these User Guides and FAQs, we have many support options available. Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you have regarding i>clicker, whether you are a student or instructor.

Our office is located in AS 120 and we are open for drop-in or appointments from 8am - 8pm Monday thru Thursday, and 8am - 5pm on Friday.

iClicker Mobile Application (iClicker Go or REEF)

Our department does not currently support issues with the mobile application polling feature. You may enable and allow your students to buy the iClicker mobile application, however, if you need assistance or have issues with this feature, please contact

Please be aware of the following:

  • Using the web clicker application relies on the students mobile network or campus network. If for some reason their mobile network or campus network malfunctions, student votes will not be sent.
  • Students using the REEF application do not have to be physically in the room, to particpate in polls when using the mobile application, so this may not be the best option if you are using it for attendance.