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Windows Basic Recording

Table of Contents

Installation & Setup

The Panopto Recorder is very small and very easy to install. It can only be installed on computers using Windows XP, Vista, or 7 (32 and 64 bit). Your computer should also have a large amount of free drive space to capture your video/recording. You can find the complete installation instructions here: Recorder Install or contact ITSS to acquire the software.

Launching Recorder

  1. Go to BeachBoard and log in with your Campus ID and password.
  2. Click on the course that is setup with Panopto.
  3. Click "Lecture Videos” on the Navigation bar. A new window will be automatically open and you will be redirected to the Panopto page.
  4. Click on “Create” button located in the top of the Panopto page and click on "Record a new session".ClickonRecordanewSession
  5. This will launch the Panopto Recorder. WindowsPanoptoRecorder

Choosing a folder


Important icon for information about choosing folders Important: The first thing you should do is to select what folder you wish to create this new recording in. Clicking on the arrow selectafolderarrow icon to the far right of "Folder Name" will allow you to select the folder for the desired course. You can record offline and select which folder to upload the recording to after you have created the recording.

Selecting Inputs

Once you have chosen your folder or are just recording offline, you must next choose exactly what you would like to record. You can select a video capture device such as a webcam or video camera (optional). After that, you can also choose what you want to use to record your audio. This could be a microphone or even the same device as your video if it has a built in mic.

Note icon for audio and videoYou must select at least have audio or video in order for the recording to be complete and usable without additional recordings.


Screen Capture and PowerPoint

After you have selected your video and audio inputs, you can choose to also capture what is displayed on your screen and/or PowerPoint presentation.

You can also add an additional video source here if you have more than one camera plugged into your computer.

Note icon for PowerPoint presentations  In order to properly record PowerPoint presentations, after you have launched PowerPoint, you must have it in full screen presentation mode.

Tip icon for Secondary Capture Sources Under Secondary Capture Sources section it is recommended to check both Capture PowerPoint and Capture Primary Screen.


To adjust screen capture resolution simply click the drop down menu to the right of "Max Resolution" and choose the resolution you desire. You can also adjust the bit and frame rate per second by dragging the sliders shown below. Click Apply to save changes.

Tip icon for showing videos or slideshows Tip: If you are planning on showing a video or slideshow (such as Youtube or Prezi presentation) it is recommended that you change the Max Resolution to 800 x 600 and changing the Frame Rate to 30. Make sure to click Apply after selecting the new settings. This option is only available in the Panopto Recorder for Windows/PC.



Broadcasting (Optional)

Panopto has the ability to broadcast all recordings live over your network or Internet. This option is only available in the Panopto Recorder for Windows/PC.

How to Broadcast:

From the Panopto recorder, be sure to select an online folder, then check "Broadcast and Record."



Please see the Broadcast Recording page for information on how students view a live broadcast.


Starting, Stopping, and Pausing

Once you have everything set, you can begin recording. This is of course done by clicking on the RECORD icon to start everything running. Once your recording has started, that icon will change into PAUSE and STOP.



Clicking on Stop will stop the recording and close it out. If you had picked a folder before you started, it will then begin to upload the recording to whatever folder you had chosen.

The Pause button will in a sense Pause your recording. However, everything Panopto does is non-destructive. Which basically means, even though you’ve paused your video, it will continue to record, but will not show up in the final version on the website. You can, however go into the editor and get this recorded time back if you, for example, forgot to un-pause and didn’t get the end of your recording.

Recording Status

Once everything has been recorded and you have stopped your recording, you will be taken to the recording status page which will show you something that looks like:


Offline Recordings are recordings that you have not yet picked a folder for, so they are just on your computer.

Currently Uploading will show the video that you just completed and it’s status.

Uploaded will show the recordings that you have already recorded, picked a folder for, and uploaded to the server.

You can see that it is possible to delete recordings. If they have been uploaded already, you can delete local and the recording will still be located on the server. If you delete a recording that has not yet been uploaded, that recording will be lost.

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