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MAC Basic Recording

Panopto Mac Recorder allows a lot of flexibility in how and what you can record. A creator may wish to record alone (with one computer) or with a videographer using a separate computer. This section will cover all aspects of recording with one computer. In this recording scenario, all presentation content (Keynote or PowerPoint and/or screencapture) and video/audio is recorded from one computer.

Table of Contents

Installation & Setup

The Panopto Recorder is very small and very easy to install. It can only be installed on computers OSX Leopard, OSX Snow Leopard, and OSX Lion. Your computer should also have a large amount of free drive space to capture your video/recording. You can find the complete installation instructions here: Recorder Install or contact ITSS to acquire the software.

Launching Recorder

  1. Go to BeachBoard and log in with your Campus ID and password.
  2. Click the course that is setup with Panopto.
  3. Click "Lecture Videos” A new window will be automatically open and redirected to the Panopto page.
    Screenshot of Lecture videos link
  4. Click “Record” in the top right of the Panopto page.
    Screenshot of Record button for launching software
  5. Once the Panopto Recorder launches, click the Create New Recording button.Screenshot of Create New Recording button

Choosing a Folder and Naming Session

Important icon for information about choosing folders Important: The first thing you should do is to select what folder you wish to create this new recording in. Clicking on the drop-down menu next to "Folder:" will allow you to select the folder for the desired course. You can record offline and select which folder to upload the recording to after you have created the recording.

Once you've selected the desired folder, you can give your session a name in the box next to "Session:". By default, the Panopto Recorder puts the current date and time as the Session name.

Screenshot of choosing a folder and session name

Choosing Recording Devices

Whether you are recording offline or to a desired Folder, you can choose the devices that you wish to record with. These devices include web cams, video cameras, audio inputs, screen captures, PowerPoint/Keynote and remote devices.  To select the device you wish to use in your recording, simply check the box next to the device(s) listed within the Mac Recorder application.

Note icon about audio and video  You must select to at least have audio or video in order for the recording to be complete and usable.

The following sections will show how to select and record from various inputs.  The combination of what inputs to record is chosen by the User by simply checking or unchecking the boxes.

Audio Only

Screenshot of selecting Audio

Audio + Screen Capture

Screenshot of selecting screen capture

Audio + Screen Capture + Keynote/PowerPoint

Screenshot of Screen Capture and Powerpoint selected

Note icon for PowerPoint presentations  In order to properly record Keynote/PowerPoint presentations, after you have launched Keynote or PowerPoint, you must have it in full screen presentation mode.

Tip icon for Secondary Capture Sources It is recommended to check both Record Keynote/PowerPoint and Record Screen Capture.


To add video to any of the aforementioned recording scenarios, within the Audio/Video area of the Mac Recorder, click on the up/down arrows to select a video source.

Screenshot of Video Dropdown

Selecting the desired camera will give you a video preview.

Screenshot of Video Preview

Start Recording

After selecting the available inputs, begin the recording by clicking on "Start Recording"

Screenshot of Start Recording button

Pause/Resume Recording

During a recording if you wish to pause, you can simply click the Pause button. The Pause button will in a sense Pause your recording. However, everything Panopto does is non-destructive. Which basically means, even though you’ve paused your video, it will continue to record, but will not show up in the final version on the website. You can, however go into the editor and get this recorded time back if you, for example, forgot to un-pause and didn’t get the end of your recording.

To resume recording, click the Resume button.

Stop Recording

To stop recording content, switch back to the Mac Recorder (Command +Tab), and click on "Stop Recording"

Screenshot of Stop Recording button

The next screen will show the status of the recordings.  By default the Mac Recorder will automatically upload the recorded content to the server.  As the recording is being transferred to the server, you can preview the recording in the "Preview" area if "Audio," "Video," or "Screen Capture" was recorded.  If the preview was not sufficient, you could choose to "Pause Upload" to pause the upload of the files to the server.  The "Actions" button has two options; "Show Files" or "Delete" (will show or delete the local files in the Panopto Recordings directory).

Screenshot of recording being uploaded

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