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Table of Contents

Click the Online Rooms link on your navbar.

navbar link

If you do not have the Online Rooms link in your navbar, you can edit the Navbar to include the Online Rooms tool. (See Navigation for more information.)

Creating and Managing Rooms

Rooms are managed using the Rooms page. From the Rooms page you can join rooms, add rooms, edit active rooms, and delete rooms. Once users join a room, they can watch presentations, share resources, and communicate interactively.

Adding Rooms

You can add new rooms to any course. However, rooms are only visible within their own course and cannot be shared across courses, sections, or groups.

When you add a room, you automatically become the moderator for that room. Once you add other attendees, you can change your role or delete yourself from the room. Note: Attendees (besides the creator) must be added manually.

To add a room:

  1. Click New Room on the Rooms page.
    new room button
  2. Enter a Name for the room.
  3. Enter a Description, if desired.
    room name and description
  4. Under Availability, specify a Start Date and Time and an End Date and Time.

    Note: You cannot edit these dates once the room is active.
    room availability

  5. To edit advanced properties, click Show Advanced Properties.
    show advanced properties
    • Select the check boxes for the options required:
      Check box Description
      Attendees raise their hand on entry Select this check box if you want attendees to automatically raise their hand and produce an audible notification when entering the room.
      All attendees join as Moderators Select this check box if you want all attendees to join the room with the Moderator role.
      Participants have unrestricted access to resources Select this check box to grant participants access to resources, such as the whiteboard.
      Moderators can view all private chats Select this check box to allow Moderators to view all private chat messages in the room.
    • Specify the Early Room Entry. This sets how many minutes before the start time that attendees can enter the room. This is helpful if you want attendees to download or install files and get acquainted with the room. The default value is 15 minutes.
      early room entry
    • Select an Archive Mode.
      • Manual - requires a Moderator to start the recording of the room. This is the default.
      • Automatic - starts the recording of the room as soon as the room starts.
      • Disabled - blocks the ability to record a room.
        archive mode
  6. Click Save.

Note: Attendees (besides the creator of the room) must be added manually. If a user is not added as an attendee, they cannot access the room. See Adding and Managing Attendees for additional information on adding attendees.

Editing Rooms

You can edit all properties of a room with a start date that has not passed. When a room is active you can edit its general and advanced properties, but you cannot edit its availability. Once a room’s end date passes, you can no longer edit that room.

From the Edit Room page, you can also add or remove Attendees.

To edit a room:

  1. Click the space to the right of the room you want to modify, and click Edit Room.
    edit room link
  2. Make the changes that you want. Note: you cannot change the time for a room that has already begun.
  3. Click Save.

Deleting Rooms

When you delete a room, attendees lose access to the room and its associated archives. Archives are still accessible if their visibility is set to public or users have the Manage Archives permission.

To delete a room:

On the Rooms List page, click the space beside the room you want to delete and click Delete Room.
delete room link

To delete multiple rooms:

Check the boxes next to each room you want to delete, and then click the Delete button.
delete multiple rooms

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Adding and Managing Attendees

Roles for Attendees of Online Rooms

Online room roles determine the types of things users can do inside an online room; they do not correspond to roles in BeachBoard. Unless you select the All attendees join as Moderators check box under a room’s Advanced  Properties, the role listed beside an attendee is the role users receive when they enter the room. You can also change that role inside a room during a session, but that change only lasts until the end of the session.

There are two roles that attendees can have:

  • Moderator: Has full control over the presentation, including the ability to upload files, create new resources, answer questions from participants, and grant permissions.
  • Participant: Able to chat, whisper, ask questions, give feedback, raise hand; but with no control over resources or the presentation.

When you add a room, you automatically become the moderator for that room. Once you add other attendees, you can change your role or delete yourself from the room.

Internal and External Attendees

Attendees are users who have access to a room. Each room has its own list of attendees, and the room’s creator must add each attendee. There are two types of attendees:

  • Internal attendees: BeachBoard users that exist at the room’s org unit level.
  • External attendees: Those outside of BeachBoard or the room’s org unit level. For example, you may want to invite a topic expert from another organization to your online room to make a special presentation.

A Moderator must manually send an email invitation to external attendees notifying them that they can join a room.

Adding Attendees

Only Moderators can add attendees.

  • Adding Internal Attendees

  1. Click the space to the right of the room where you want to add attendees, and click Edit Room.
    edit room link
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add Attendees button.
    add attendees button
  3. Select the check boxes beside the users you want to add, or use the Select all rows check box in the attendee list table header.

    You can also search for specific users using the Search field.

  4. Click Add.
  • Adding External (Guest) Attendees

  1. Click the space to the right of the room where you want to add attendees, and click Edit Room.
    edit room link
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add Attendees button.
    add attendees button
  3. Click on Add External Attendee.
    add external attendee
  4. Enter email addresses separated by semicolons or commas.
  5. Click Add.
    external attendee email field
  6. Click Add at the bottom of the page to confirm.

Note: To automatically send an email notification to each external attendee, ensure that the Send email notification to all attendees who are configured to receive email option is enabled. This check box is located directly above the attendees section when editing a room.
external attendee email notification

Editing Attendee Roles

Once you add attendees to a room, you can edit their roles from the Attendees panel. Only Moderators can edit attendees’ roles.

  1. Click the  Edit Room icon beside the room you want to add attendees.
    edit room link
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the boxes for attendees whose roles you'd like to edit.
  3. Click on Edit Roles.
    edit roles
  4. In the pop-up window that appears, select a new role for the attendee from the drop-down list and click new role

Deleting Attendees

Deleting attendees removes them from the attendee list for the room; they can no longer enter the room or see its archives if the archives are restricted.

If you delete attendees currently inside a room, the action does not remove them from the room. To remove an attendee from the current session, you have to enter the room.

If you want to remove attendees from the current session and stop them from returning, delete them from the attendee list before removing them from the room, otherwise they might re-enter the room before you can delete them from the attendee list.

Note: Within a session, you cannot remove attendees with the moderator online room role.

Users must be moderators to edit and delete.

To delete attendees:

  1. Under Attendees tab, check the box next to the attendee(s) you'd like to delete and click Delete.
    delete attendee

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Entering Rooms

To enter a room, click on the room's Join Room button.
join room

If you are using a PC

In Firefox

Once you click on Join Room, Firefox should open the page "Launching Blackboard Collaborate" in a new tab/window. Launching Blackboard Collaborate page

Click OK when the file action box appears.

Collaborate download box

Wait for the room to fully load.

In Internet Explorer

Once you click on Join Room, Internet Explorer will likely block the pop-up and prompt you to either to "Allow once" or set "Options for this site" for pop-ups. You can either click "Allow once" or set the option to always allow pop-ups from BeachBoard.

Internet Explorer popup blocker message

Click on the hyperlink for the room once more. Internet Explorer should open the Launching Blackboard Collaborate page in a new tab/window. Click Open when Internet Explorer prompts you to Open, Save, or Cancel, the file.

Internet Explorer Collaborate room download message

Wait for the room to fully load.

Note: If you are using Safari, you must disable the pop-up blocker first, as it will not even display the pop-up blocker message that Internet Explorer does.

If the room does not load

If the room does not load, there are a few things to check. First, try using Firefox, as other browsers' pop-up blockers can prevent the room from opening. Second, make sure you do not have Skype running in the background as it can disrupt Collaborate. Third, check your Java. If you have Java 7 and the you see the purple Blackboard Collaborate page but the room never loads, try uninstalling Java 7 and reinstalling Java 6.

If you are using a Mac

If you are using a Mac, you will need to download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher, which will be used instead of Java to launch the room. You should be prompted to download the Launcher when you click on the hyperlink for a room. If so, use these step-by-step instructions to download and use the Launcher. If not, use this link to download it directly.

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Managing Archives

Archives are recordings made in a room. Since archives occur in the past, you cannot change their properties and attendee lists. However, you can edit their visibility, which determines whether an archive is available to all users in the course/organization or is restricted to just the attendees.

Accessing an Archive

Click the space to the right of the room whose archive you would like to view, and click View Archives.
view archives link

Viewing Archived Room Recordings

Attendees can click on an archive's name to passively view it, but can never join the room in an interactive way. If you were listed as an attendee for a room, possess advanced permissions, or if an archive is public, its name appears as a link on your Archive page. To view an archive, simply click on its name.

Editing Archive Visibility

Users require the Manage Archives permission to edit archive visibility.

To edit an archive

  1. Click the pencil icon across from the archive name, under Visibility.edit restrictions - pencil icon
  2. Use the drop down list to select the visibility setting you want.
    • Restricted: Archives are only visible to attendees of the room or users with the Manage Archives permission.
    • Not recommended: Public archives are visible to users in BeachBoard with the View Archives or Manage Archives permission. If you select this option, the archive appears in every BeachBoard course.  If an archive is made public to all of BeachBoard, we will need to remove the archive from Collaborate in order to avoid student and instructor confusion.
  3. Click Apply.
    apply visibility restriction

Deleting Archived Rooms

Users require the Manage Archives permission to delete archived rooms.

On the Archive tab, click the trash can icon under the Action column across from the archive you would like to delete.
delete archive

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Adding Archive Link to Content

  1. Click the space to the right of the room whose archive you would like to link to Content, and click View Archives.
    view archives link
  2. Click on the name of the archive to link.
    archive name
  3. A purple window will open and a pop-up to open with Java will appear. Close the pop-up.
  4. Copy the link to the purple window from the browser address bar.
  5. Log on to BeachBoard or Summer BeachBoard.
  6. Enter the course in which you would like to add the link in the Content area.
  7. Click Content on the navigation bar.
    content navbar link
  8. On the left sidebar, click on the Module in which you would like to include a link to the archive.
    view module
  9. Click the New button, and then click Create a Link from the drop down list.
    create a link link
  10. Type a Title.
  11. Paste the archive link into the URL field.
  12. Check the box next to Open as External Resource.
  13. Click Create.
    new content link

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Support and Documentation

For links to Collaborate documentation and User Guides, see our page on Collaborate. Orientation sessions and quick reference guides on how to use Collaborate are also available on the Blackboard Collaborate website (scroll down to Documentation and Recorded Training).

In addition to this documentation and Help Pages, we have many support options available. Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you have regarding Collaborate, whether you are a student or instructor.

Our office is located in AS 120 and we are open for drop-in or appointments from 8am - 6pm M thru Th, and 8am - 5pm F during the spring, summer, and fall semesters. We are open 8am - 5pm M thru F during the winter semester. Feel free to email us at ITSS as well.

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