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Accessing Quizzes

Accessing Quizzes

Click on the Quizzes link on the course navbar. This will take you to the Quiz List page which will list all past, current, and future quizzes. The start and end dates, if set up by the instructor, will be listed under each quiz. How many attempts completed out of how many attempts total will be listed to the right of each quiz.

Student Quiz list page

Taking a quiz

  1. From the main Quiz List page, click on the name of the quiz you want to take.
  2. Read the instructions and details for the quiz carefully, especially the time allowed, and click the Start Quiz link. The system will prompt you to confirm you wish to start the quiz. If you click OK, the system will load the quiz and record that you have started the quiz (even if you do nothing else once in the quiz). If you click Cancel, the system will return you to the start quiz page. styart quiz page
  3. Answer questions by selecting an answer(s) from the list of options or by filling in the appropriate text field, depending on the type of question. You can click the Save below each question as you go along or click Save All Responses at the bottom of the page to save all responses entered so far. Remember to save often.taking a quiz view
  4. To move on to the next page, click Next Page located at the top and bottom of the page. Once you click Next Page, if the instructor has enabled the setting to prevent moving backwards in a quiz, the system will warn you that you cannot return to the current page and will confirm that you really wish to move on to the next page.
  5. Be sure to keep an eye on the Time Limit and Time Left located at the top of the page. Depending on the instructor's settings the system might mark your quiz as late, automatically give your attempt a 0, or force you to stop working and submit the quiz once the time limit has been reached. Therefore, it is strongly recommended you save your responses often and submit your quiz before the time limit has been reached.
  6. Once you have completed the quiz and saved your responses, click Go To Submit Quiz at the bottom of the page. The system will then take you through several screens, including possible warnings that you have unanswered questions, confirming that you wish to submit your quiz.
  7. Once you see the submission view page, you have successfully completed your quiz. Depending on the settings the instructor has set up, you might be able to see your score on the quiz on the bottom of this page. quiz submission view page

Viewing submission information and graded quizzes

The instructor might allow different submissions views, including quiz score and question answers, to be released after you have taken the quiz. To access information about your submissions, from the main Quiz List, click the Submissions icon beside the quiz you want to view. If you have more than one attempt completed for that quiz, the attempts will be listed. Click on the attempt you wish to see the submission view for to be taken to the submission view page. Contact your instructor if you have any questions about your quiz and quiz results.

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