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System Widgets


This widget is used to bookmark pages in course content. The bookmark widget is typically located on course offering homepages.

Add a bookmark

  1. When browsing through topics within course content, click the  Bookmark icon in the top right hand corner of the page.
  2. Click OK in the confirmation dialog.

Delete a bookmark

Click the Delete Bookmark link in the bookmark widget.


The Calendar widget displays all Schedule events by month. After events are created (users can create events using the Schedule tool), the widget displays all events for the applicable month.

Course Administration

The Course Administration widget displays links to your course admin tools. The number of links you are able to see in the Course Administration widget is determined by your role’s permissions in the Roles and Permissions tool.


The Events widget displays upcoming Schedule events. If there are no events, the widget displays a “No Events” message. After events are created (users can create events using the Schedule tool), the widget will display any upcoming events.

Google Search

The Google Search widget enables you to search the web from your homepage. Your search results open in a new window using your default internet browser.

My Admin Tools

The My Admin Tools widget displays all of your available administrative links and provides easy access to the tools that you need to manage. The number of administrative links you are able to see in the My Admin Tools widget is determined by your role’s permission settings in the Roles and Permissions tool.

My Courses

The My Courses widget shows course offerings users are enrolled in and have access to. Users can navigate to course homepages by clicking the names of course offerings in this widget.

If users have different roles in different courses, their courses are listed in separate tabs. For example, courses they TA for are listed separate from courses in which they are only a participant.

When a user’s course enrollments for a specific role exceed the value of the DOME variable d2l.Tools.Homepages.MaxCourses then the widget displays a search box and a list of the most recently accessed courses.

Users with permission to edit specific course offerings also see an  Edit icon next to those offerings, providing quick access to the Course Offering Information page.

Managing tabs in the My Courses widget

Set the display alias for roles

  1. Click Roles and Permissions in the My Admin Tools widget on My Home.
  2. Click the edit icon for the role you want to set the alias for.
  3. Under the Classlist Display Options heading, select the Display users enrolled as this role in classlist check box.
  4. In the Role Alias text field, type the alias as you want it to appear on tabs in the My Courses widget.

Reorder your tabs

  1. On the Role List page, click Reorder in the top tool menu.
  2. Use the drop-down menus in the Sort Order column to set the order from left to right that the tabs appear in the My Courses widget.

Set the maximum number of displayed tabs

  1. Click the DOME link in the My Admin Tools widget on My Home.
  2. Expand Config Variable Browser to d2l.Tools.Homepages.MaxRoleTabs.
  3. Click Add Value.
  4. Type the value you want to set in the Value text field.
  5. Click Save.

If a user has more roles than the value of this variable they see a drop-down menu to choose the role they want to view their course list for.

My Settings

The My Settings widget only displays links the user has been given permission to view. These permissions are located under Preferences in the Roles and Permissions tool.


The News widget is used to communicate important updates and information to users. You can create news items with formatted text, graphics, and Quicklinks.

Picture Library

The Picture Library widget displays images from the Picture Library tool and provides links to create and edit picture albums.

Role Switch

The Role Switch widget enables you to temporarily switch your active role to another role in your organization by selecting it from a drop-down list. You can then navigate the org unit based on the permissions of another role without having to log out and log in as another user. For example, you can select another role to see how Course Home or a quiz appears to users in that role.

Note  Switching to a role only applies to the current org unit. If you navigate to another org unit, your normal role is restored.


The Updates widget can be configured to display any of the following links:

  • New dropbox submissions
  • Unread dropbox submissions
  • Unread discussions messages
  • New email
  • Ungraded quizzes
  • Not attempted quizzes
  • Self-registration updates

Note The Updates widget can only be configured by a Desire2Learn Implementation Services Specialist. Please contact your Account Manager if you want to customize the links displayed.

User Links

The User Links widget allows users to create a personal list of links to external websites.

Add a new link

  1. Click the  Add links icon in the widget.
  2. Enter a link Name and URL.
  3. Click Save.

Edit or delete an existing link

  1. Click the  Edit icon in the widget.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Change the link Name, URL or Order.
    • Click the  Delete icon to delete the existing link.
  3. Click Save.

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