Using System Widgets

System widgets are defined by the Desire2Learn platform. You cannot modify the contents of system widgets, but you can change where the widgets are located on your course homepage and customize their display options.

Add and move widgets on your course homepage

  1. Click on the Edit Course link from the course navbar.
    Edit Course screenshot
  2. Click Homepages. The Manage Homepages page displays.
    Homepages screenshot
  3. Edit the applicable Homepage by clicking on its name in the Homepages section. The Edit Homepage page displays.
    Click Homepage Name screenshot
  4. Go to the Content/Layout tab.
    Content Layout tab screenshot
  5. To add a widget to a panel, click the applicable Add Widget button. The Add Widget page displays.
  6. Select the widgets that you want to add to the homepage panel and click Save to apply  the changes.
    Select Widgets screenshot
  7. Click Panel Sizes on the action bar to adjust the width of the panels. When adding widgets to your homepage, ensure that the Width of the selected panel is sufficient for the widgets you want to display.
    Panel Sizes screenshot
  8. Click Preview Homepage on the action bar to preview your homepage and ensure that it displays as expected.
    Preview Homepage screenshot
  9. Use Widget Context Menus to:
    • Move widgets to other panels.
    • Arrange the vertical placement of widgets.
    • Edit the display properties of widgets, such as border width, title bar color and Widget title.
    • Remove widgets from your homepage.
      Widget Context Menu screenshot

Customize the appearance of your widgets

  1. From Course Home, click the Customize icon Customize icon located in the top right corner of the applicable widget.
    Customize Widget icon screenshot
  2. Select Custom Org Unit Settings in the Widget Customize Settings section to change the following settings:
    • Display widget with a border - Select this check box if you want to display your widget in a box.
    • Border Style - Select the border thickness for your widget.
    • Show the title bar - Select this check box if you want to show the title bar.
    • Title Bar Color - Choose a color for your Title Bar.
    • Widget Title - Type a title for the box (e.g. Search Engines, Campus Info, etc).
    • Title Color - Choose a color for your widget title.
    • Title Alignment - Choose how you want the widget title aligned within its associated column.
    • Prohibit minimizing widget - Select this check box if you want to prohibit the ability to minimize widgets.
  3. Click Save to apply your changes.
    Couse Home Customize Widget screenshot

Configure the display options for your widgets

  1. From Course Home, click the Edit Display Options icon Edit display options icon for the applicable system widget.
    System Widget Edit Display Options screenshot
  2. The display options page is unique to the widget and enables you to adjust applicable display settings. For example, the display options page for the Calendar widget enables you to adjust the event types that are displayed to users.
  3. Click Save to apply your changes.
Last Modified 6/22/15