BeachBoard Profile

Complete the following steps to update your BeachBoard profile and add a photo:

  1. From the My Home page, click the Profile link in the My Settings widget.
    Profile link
  2. Click the Change Picture button to add a photo.
    Change Picture button
  3. Click the Browse button to search for the photo on your computer
  4. Once you have selected your photo, click the Upload button
    Browse button
  5. In the About Me section enter any information you would like others to see.
  6. Click Save.

Save button

    Remember that image files need to be RESIZED (in Paint or Microsoft Photo Editor) before placing them into D2L. 
    Video - shows process for using Microsoft Paint to resize image and then place it into Microsoft Word, and then SAVE AS a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file.

  Last Updated 7/19/11