Email Multiple Courses or Sections at One Time

If you are teaching multiple sections and/or courses, you can email them at one time. 

  • From within any of your courses, click on the Classlist link located on the Course navigation bar.

Classlist screenshot

  • Click Email everyone on this tab
    Email everyone on this tab screenshot
  • Click on Address Book located in the top left corner.
    Address Book screenshot
  • Click the Filter By drop down arrow and select one of the course names.
  • Once a name of a course is selected, click the checkbox next to "Bcc."
  • Click the Bcc link, too.  This places all the names of the section into the Bcc field. We recommend that you put your recipients in the Bcc field, so that students will not see each others email addresses.
    To checkbox screenshot
  • Repeat selecting the course names from the Filter By drop-down menu until all students have been selected and automatically placed in the Bcc field.
  • When you are finished adding all students from other courses, click Add Recipients.

add recipients screenshot 

  • Fill out Subject line.
  • Fill in Message box.  Attach document (optional).
  • Click Send.
    Email Send screenshot
  Last Updated 7/19/11