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Adding and Moving Widgets on your Homepage

The Content/Layout tab enables you to add widgets to your homepage, change the widget display options and remove widgets from your homepage.

Add or move widgets on your homepage

  1. Click the Content/Layout tab.
    Content/Layout screenshot
  2. To add an existing widget to a panel, click the corresponding Add Widget button to display all widgets currently available for use in the homepage you are editing.
    Add Widget Button screenshot
  3. Select the widgets that you want to add to the homepage panel.
  4. Click Save to apply the changes.
    Note: The widgets listed on the Add Widget page are dependent on the tools available for use within your organization and added to the current system.
    Select Widget and Save screenshot

  5. When adding widgets to your homepage, ensure the Width of the selected panel is sufficient for the widgets you want to display.
  6. Use Widget Context Menus to:
    • Move widgets to other panels.
    • Arrange the vertical placement of widgets.
    • Edit the display properties of widgets, such as border width, title bar color and Widget title.
    • Remove widgets from your homepage.
      Edit Widget screenshot
  7. Click Preview Homepage on the action bar to view your homepage setup.
    Preview Homepage screenshot

Change the panel widths on your homepage

  1. Click Panel Sizes on the action bar.
    Panel Size link screenshot
  2. Adjust the panel width percentages accordingly
  3. Click Save to confirm.
    Panel Size screenshot

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