Upload a Syllabus

  • If you are replacing a syllabus from a previous semester or working in a blank course:
  1. From the navigation bar, click Content to access the Manage Content page.content link in nav bar
  2. Click the Content New Topic icon New Topic icon in the top tool menu.
  3. Choose of Content Upload File icon Upload New File
  4. All files must be located in a Module. Click Add Module.
    add syllabus
  5. Type a title for your syllabus (ex. Syllabus Fall 2011) in the New Topic window.
  6. Type a Short Title is optional. BeachBoard uses the short title in the Content Map widget to help users navigate through modules. If you don’t specify a short title, BeachBoard uses the Title field.
  7. You can ignore the Hide Enumeration check box because the Enumerations are turned off by default.  .
  8. Click Browse to locate the syllabus file on your computer.
  9. Click Save, or to continue creating topics/add files, click Save & New.

Optional Tip:  Enumerations are turned off by default.  Instructors can make enumeration available by accessing Settings from the main Content area.  Settings are located in the box on the left of the Content area.  Once you click Settings, click the Enumerations tab, and select an enumeration style from the dropdown list in the Enumeration column.  Click Save.  Return to your Content to view the Enumerations.

  Last Updated 7/6/12