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Managing calendar events

Note: If you belong to a group within your course, you can manage Calendar events for your group.

Editing calendar events

There are a variety of details you can add to your event from the Create Event page. You can add these details while creating an event for the first time, or when you edit it.

Access editing options

Do one of the following:

  • In the day, week, or month view, select the event in the calendar content area, then click Edit.
  • In the Agenda view, click the context menu icon context menu for the event name and select
    Edit icon Edit Event.
  • In the List view, click the Right arrow icon right-facing arrow. Click the context menu icon context menu for the event name and select Edit icon Edit Event.

Set due dates for course content

If an availability event is not showing in the Calendar, this indicates that you must set its due dates:

  1. Click Due date icon Set Due Dates in the calendar content area.
  2. Browse the modules of your course and select any module or topic. Click Add.
  3. In Set Due Dates, enter a Description of the event. Enter a Start or Due Date, or both.

    Note: You cannot select a module or topic that already has a start date or due date. To edit these events, search for them in the Calendar.

Note: The availability event displays on the due date unless the object only has a start date - in that case, the event displays on the start date. The full availability range always displays in the event details.

Manage event recurrence and restrictions

To Do This
Add an event recurrence
  1. Click Recurrence icon Add Recurrence in the When section.
  2. Set your recurrence options for the event.
Add an event restriction
  1. Click restriction icon Add Restriction in the When section.
  2. Set your restriction options for the event.

Delete an event

Do one of the following:

  • In the Agenda view, click the context menu icon context menu for the event name and select Delete icon Delete Event.
  • In the Day, Week, and Month view, click the event, and Delete.
  • In the List view, click the event. Click the context menu icon drop-down arrow by the event name and select Delete icon Delete Event.
  • Note: You can only delete events created in the Calendar tool.

Change default event duration

To change the default event duration of one half-hour, do the following:

  1. Click Settings icon Settings in the calendar views area.
  2. Under Default Event Duration in Settings, use the drop-down menu to make your time selection. Click Save.

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