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Managing Attendance Data

Manage your course attendance data from the attendance data page. From here, you can view all of the attendance results for your register, search for specific users, access My Attendance pages, and access each session’s attendance data page.

Table of contents

Access the Attendance Data page for a register

  1. Click the Attendance link on the navbar.
  2. Click the name of the register from the Attendance homepage.

View attendance data

From the Attendance homepage, click the name of your register to access the Attendance Data page. This page displays all of the data that you have collected for your register, broken down by users and sessions.

Each row displays the user, the attendance status for each session, the summary of attendance statuses, and the user’s attendance percentage for the register. If you have set a Cause for Concern threshold, any user that is below your specified percentage will have a  Cause for Concern icon beside their name in the % Attendance field.

Enter attendance data

Enter attendance data for your sessions by clicking the corresponding  Enter Attendance Data icon on the Attendance Data page.

Use the Attendance Status drop-down menus to change the attendance status for your users. You can also use the  Set Status for All button in the action panel to set the same status for all users.

Email users

  1. Select the users that you want to email from the user list in the Attendance Data section.
  2. Click the  Email icon.
  3. Compose your new message.
  4. Click Send.

Note: If you want to send an email to all users, save time by clicking the  Email All button on the Attendance Data action panel.

Export your register’s attendance data

Click  Export All on the Attendance Data action panel.

View attendance data for withdrawn (unenrolled) users

Information about users who are withdrawn (unenrolled) from a course is maintained in the Reports tab for the class list.

  1. Click the Classlist link on your navbar.
  2. Click  Reports.
  3. In the Withdrawals section, click the  View Attendance icon for the applicable user.

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