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Assignment Grader App

The Assignment Grader app is a free application for the iPad only. Whether you are online or offline, the Assignment Grader app provides quick and easy access to assignments submitted to your courses' dropboxes, allowing you to provide meaningful feedback and grading through document markup, rubric, text, audio or video - when and where it is most convenient for you.

App Store badge Click the link(s) below to see the free app in the App Store:

1. Getting Started with Assignment Grader

You may log into Desire2Learn Assignment Grader using your campus ID and password, or using EduDentity, which is Desire2Learn's identity authentication and account management service.

2. Views Within Assignment Grader

3. Going Offline With Assignment Grader

4. Changing the Settings for Assignment Grader

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Connect via Your BeachBoard Account

  1. To log in using your BeachBoard account, enter the server address:, and tap 'connect'.
    assignment grader login
  2. After the account is successfully connected, you can proceed to log in with your BeachBoard credentials.
  3. For the Username, enter your 9 digit Campu ID number.
  4. For the Password, enter your BeachBoard password.
  5. Tap the Log In button.
    BeachBoard login
  6. Assignment Grader will now synchronize with existing Dropboxes.

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Logging in via Desire2Learn EduDentity Account

You will first have to create an EduDentity Account. To do so, go to Desire2Learn's Assignment Grader App Help Page and click on "create an EduDentity account."

  1. Once you have created your account, when you open the Assignment Grader app, click on Sign in with EduDentity.

    assignment grader login using EduDentity

  2. Enter the Email you used when creating your EduDentity account.
  3. Enter the Password for your EduDentity Account.
  4. Tap the Login button.
    EduDentity login
  5. When you login in to the Assignment Grader for the very first time, you will need to connect to your BeachBoard account. Once you setup your account, it will save your BeachBoard login information. Click Add New Account.
  6. Click Enter LMS Address Manually.enter LMS infor manually
  7. Enter BeachBoard in the Label field, and in the Server field.connect account
  8. Click Connect Account.
  9. After the account is successfully connected, you can proceed to log in with your BeachBoard credentials.
  10. For the Username, enter your 9 digit Campu ID number.
  11. For the Password, enter your BeachBoard password.BeachBoard login
  12. Tap the Log In button.
  13. Assignment Grader will now synchronize with existing Dropbox folders.

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Folder Organization

When you login to the Assignment Grader app, it should sync all Dropbox folders and feedback. To sync while in the app, click on the Sync icon sync iconon the main page.

  • When in the All Folders area, there are three views you can organize by:
    • Course view alphabetically sorts all current courses you manage, with all relevant Dropbox folders underneath.
    • The Due Date view sorts all assignments by nearest due date.
    • Ungraded view sorts all assignments by number of ungraded submissions.

      main assignment grader page

  • Underneath each course are listed the Dropbox folders for that course. To the right of each Dropbox folder name you will see the number of students ungraded, the number of submissions, and the due date (if applicable).


  • Selecting an assignment will show the students that have submitted, whether they are graded or ungraded and their score (if graded and if applicable).

folder view

  • You can sort the assignment folder in several ways:
    • Ungraded will bring ungraded students to the top.
    • Name will sort the student alphabetically by last name.
    • Date sorts by when the students submitted their assignments, with the latest on top.
    • Grade will sort the list by grade on the assignment, with the highest scores on top.

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Grading an Assignment

  1. Select an assignment Dropbox folder.
    click on folder name to view submissions
  2. Select a student Submission.
    click on student submission to view
  3. The submission should appear in the main field. Underneath the student's picture on the lefthand side, you will see all submissions listed (#1 in the image below). If there is more than one file, tap on another file to view.
  4. To hide or display the Feedback area, click on the arrow (#2 in the image below) in the upper right.
  5. Manually enter a grade in the Score box (#2 in the image below).
  6. If there is a Rubric attached, select the rubric to use it in your grading (#2 in the image below).
  7. Manually enter text feedback in the Feedback box.
  8. To markup and annotate a Word document, PDF, etc. (not all file types supported) use the tools on the righthand side (#3 in the image below). On supported documents you can write/draw, highlight, add text notes, underline, and strikethrough text. student submission page
  9. In the Record Feedback section,
    • To record an audio message: select Audio and then tap the red Record button to begin and end your recording. Press the green Play button to listen back to your recording. Once finished, click Attach Feedback to attach your audio file. Once attached, Use Delete or View to delete or review your attachments.record and attach audio
    • To record a video message: select Video and then tap the red Record button to bring up your video. Use the red Record button to begin and end your recording.
      take video

      When finished, click the Retake button to retake the video, or click Use to attach the video to your feedback. Once attached, use the Delete or View buttons to review or delete the attachments.  use video

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Publishing/Syncing Feedback

  1. Once you are finished grading that student, click the "Not Published" icon not published iconat the top of the page and Assignment Grader will sync the grade and feedback to your Dropbox. The icon will then turn to a "Graded" icon.
  2. Use the arrows to navigate to the next or previous student. Navigating to a different student will automatically publish feedback for the current student, if you have Auto-Submit Feedback turned on in your settings.
  3. To sync the grades/feedback from the Folders list page or the Submissions list page within a folder, click the Sync icon sync icon at the top right.

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Downloading Assignments

When you have access to wireless coverage, Assignment Grader can download assignments for you to work with offline:

  1. In either the main "All Folders" area or in a specific folder's submissions area, tap the download icon download icon . If they are not downloaded already, turning ON this icon (download icon on) for a Dropbox folder will download all submissions of that assignment. While ON, the icon continues to Favorite the Dropbox folder - this means:
    • The Dropbox will show up in the "Downloaded" tab (bottom of main page) for you to work with.
    • Clearing the cache in Settings does not delete downloaded attachments of Favorited Dropbox folders.
    • Turning OFF the icon will not delete downloaded submissions (see: Changing the Settings for Assignment Grader), instead, the Dropbox folder will be un-Favorited and disappear from your view in the "Downloaded" tab. You can then clear the cache for this folder in your Settings.
    • Deselecting the icon midway through a Dropbox download will halt the download.
  2. The downloaded Dropbox folders will appear in the Downloaded tab.
  3. Assignment Grader will begin downloading the assignments in the background.

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Working Offline with Downloaded Assignments

For information on how to grade an assignment, see: Grading an Assignment. In offline mode, there are some key differences when it comes to uploading your feedback:

  1. When offline; tapping the "Not Published" icon or moving to the next student submission via the arrows does not automatically sync feedback to the BeachBoard Dropbox.
  2. Unpublished feedback will appear with a "Not Published" icon not published icon.
  3. When you have access to wireless coverage, to sync your assignment feedback back to the BeachBoard Dropbox, you may
    1. Select the "Sync" icon sync icon within an individual folder view. This will sync all feedback for all submissions of that assignment.
    2. Select the "Sync" icon sync icon from the Downloaded tab. This will sync all feedback for all submissions for all downloaded Dropboxes.

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Changing the Settings for Assignment Grader

  1. Tap the gear icon to bring up the settings panel.
  2. Selecting 'Enable Pin Lock' enables you to set a PIN lock on the app. This will protect your students’ data from unauthorized access, should your tablet be lost, stolen or left unattended.
  3. Selecting File Size Limit for assignment downloads means that any files exceeding this limit will not be downloaded.
  4. Auto-Submit Feedback automatically publishes feedback (when online) when you finish grading one student and move on to the next.
  5. Hide Graded Dropboxes and Hide Inactive Courses can help organize your main folder page by hiding folders that have already been fully graded, or are inactive.
  6. Clearing the cache deletes all downloaded attachments for un-Favorited Dropboxes. Any associated grades or feedback to those assignments are not deleted.

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