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SAS Foundation Installation Instructions

This software will be authenticated through June 30 of each year with a three month grace period during which time a new "installation data" file will be provided. Once installed, you will renew SAS via Start -> All Programs -> SAS -> SAS 9.2 Utilities -> Renew SAS Software.

Installation Instructions

To install SAS for Windows, insert the DVD or launch the "setup.exe" if necessary and follow the steps below:

  1. Launch SAS Installation Setup. Click "Setup".
    SAS 9.2 Launch
  2. Choose a setup language. Click OK.
    SAS 9.2 Language
  3. Select "Install SAS Software". Click "Next".
    Select Deployment Task
  4. Specify the location where SAS software will be installed. The default is recommended.
    Click "Next".
    Specify SAS Location
  5. Select Products to Install. The default is recommended - "SAS Foundation and related software". Click "Next".
    Select Products to Install
  6. Specify SAS Installation Data File. SAS identifies the correct file by default. Click "Next".
    This file's location is ...\SAS9.2\sid_files\"current file name".txt. Just select the text file.
    Specify SAS Installation Data File
  7. Select the language for your software to support. Click "Clear All".
    Select Language Support
  8. Notice that only the English languages remain. Click "Next".
    Select Language Support
  9. Select a Java Runtime Environment to use with SAS Software. The default is recommended. Click "Next".
    Select Java Runtime Environment
  10. Review the Deployment Summary.
    Deployment Summary
  11. Review the Deployment Summary.
    Deployment Summary Page 2
  12. Review the Deployment Summary.
    Deployment Summary Page 3
  13. Review the Deployment Summary and click "Start". 
    Deployment Summary Page 4
  14. Deployment Complete. Click "Next".
    Deployment Complete
  15. Select Support Option. "Do Not Send" is the recommendation. Click "Next".
    Select Support Option
  16. Additional Resources. Click "Next".
    Additional Resources
  17. Welcome to the System Requirements Wizard will appear. Click "Next".
    System Requirements Wizard
  18. Click Next. This updates your system with the minimum system requirements. Click "Next".
    System Components Update
  19. Click Finish.
    System Update Finished

Congratulations! You have now completed your SAS installation.


Please submit questions, problems or suggestions regarding the SAS license. 

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