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California State University, Long Beach
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Department News and Colloquium

Department News

Nobel Laureate W. Phillips visit the department

Nobel Laureate W. Phillips visit the department
This year's CNSM student council Nobel laureate lecture will feature Prof. William Phillips, 1997 Nobel prize in Physics "for the development of methods to cool and trap atoms with laser light." A general lecture will be offered at 11am and a technical lecture at 4pm (both at USU Ballroom). Dr. Phillips will visit the department in the afternoon. Please come and attend the lectures!

Professor Emeritus Al Yano and Jack Munsee pass away

Professor Emeritus Al Yano and Jack Munsee pass away
The department mourns the passing of two of its former professors. Alva Yano (1934-2018) was a professor at the department for 30 years in theoretical nuclear and particle physics supported by grants from NSF and other foundations. He was also an accomplished pianist. You can read his obituary on the following website.
Jack H. Munsee (1934-2017) was a professor in the department for 30 years and was involved as chair of the Academic Senate and president of CFA on campus and vice-president of the statewide CFA. You can read his obituary on the following website.

First Alumni Dinner at the APS March Meeting

First Alumni Dinner at the APS March Meeting
For the first time in the history of our department we had about 10 alumni attending the APS March meeting. These alumni are now in PhD and postdoctoral programs across the country and Canada. We took the opportunity of the meeting to have a dinner with them. The faculty present was glad to share time with them and rejoice about the successful path they follow. Several of the alumni also came to the department after the conference to meet with students interested in pursuing a PhD in Physics.

Craig Roberts visits CSULB

2018 CSULB Distinguished Lecture in Physics
Prof. Craig Roberts (Argonne National Laboratory) is visiting the department in the week of Feb.19-23, and give the first Distinguished Lecture in Physics of our department. Dr. Roberts is a world renowned nuclear and particle physicist who led the theory group of the physics division for over 16 years. He has authored over 160 research articles and has won numerous awards. Dr. Roberts has a long standing scientific relationship with our own Prof. Klaehn and Prof. Jaikumar. Dr. Roberts will also give the colloquium talk on Wednesday Feb. 21 at 11:15am in PH1-223.

Raphael Monroy

CSULB Student Research Competition 2018
Masters student Raphael Monroy won 1st place in the Physical and Mathematical Sciences category on Feb. 19, 2018. Raphael is selected to compete in the CSU's statewide competition in May at CSU Sacramento. Congratulations, Raphael!

Nobel Prize

2017 Nobel Prize in Physics
This year's Nobel prize is awarded to Rainer Weiss, Barry C. Barish and Kip S. Thorne for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves. This is a field closely related to the research of Prashanth Jaikumar of our department and our latest hire, Thomas Klaehn. See: Nobel Prize in Physics 2017. Congratulations to the remarkable vision and courage in pursuing this endeavor!

Sam Hedges article in Science Magazine

MS Alumn co-author of a Science paper!
Alumn Sam Hedges (MS in Applied Physics, 2015) is coauthor of a paper in Science Magazine entitled "Observation of coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering", (Science, Vol. 357, Issue 6356, p. 1123, Sept. 15, 2017, DOI: 10.1126/science.aap9023). The paper made the cover of the prestigious journal. We are proud of your achievement Sam!

Zoltan Papp celebrates 60th birthday

Z. Papp and the department celebrate!
We celebrated the 60th birthday of one of our most popular colleagues Zoltan Papp on Sept. 29. Boldog születésnapot!

Conference of Undergraduate Women in Physics participants

2018 Conference on Undergraduate Women in Physics
A Conference of Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWIP) will be held January 12 - 14, 2018 at Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona College, and Harvey Mudd.

phystec Open House September 23, 2017

PhysTEC Open House 2017
Saturday Sept. 23, 2017 the PhysTEC team C. Kwon, L. Henriques, G. Pickett and this year's teacher in residence (TIR) T. Araya organized the event. A talk on spintronics, hands-on experiments, a brunch with panel discussion with undergraduate and graduate students and a visit of experimental labs. It was a great experience and a large gathering. Twelve visiting physics high school teachers with their students for a total of about 60 participants.

Keck Energy Materials Program (KEMP) 2017 symposium

2017 KEMP Symposium
The afternoon following the CNSM Student Research Symposium the departments of Physics & Astronomy and of Chemistry & Biochemistry hosted the Keck Energy Materials Program (KEMP) symposium. There were thought provoking talks on the physics and chemistry of nanodes and cathodes for new batteries for energy storage, the physics of magnetic topological insulators, the chemistry & physics of catalysts, and thermoelectricity.

CNSM Student Research Symposium 2017

CNSM Student Research Symposium 2017
116 CNSM students presented their research results and a total of 675 students and faculty participated in the Symposium. The department of Physics & Astronomy was well represented for this size of its faculty members. 17 posters from 8 groups presenting the research with 25 students as co-authors. To all who have contributed: Thank you!

2017 North American Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse at CSU Long Beach
Join us in viewing the 2017 North American Solar Eclipse! Solar telescopes will be located at the border between Parking Lot 16 and Hillside College lawn. Eclipse viewing glasses will also be available. Contact the department office for more information.

California State University Long Beach

Not Everything has Equal Value
Sound history, sociology, psychology, religion, science and not the least our own department's living example all make clear that nazis, white supremacists, racists are no alternative. They are unequivocally wrong.

Irene Howard and grandson

Irene Howard, Our Department Coordinator, Retires
Irene Howard was a faithful servant to our department and University for the last 39 years. Her last day was Friday June 30, 2017. On May 12, the department faculty, students, and staff expressed their gratitude to Irene during a luncheon at the CSULB Japanese Garden. It has been a great pleasure to have her lead the department office for so many years. Irene has not only been very efficient and knowledgeable. She has also greatly influenced the mood and atmosphere of all by her positive attitude, her ability to always be friendly irrespective of the person who addressed her, to search for solutions and walk the additional mile rather than complain about additional work, to have an open ear to all. These are remarkable features of her personality that few can claim to have. Thank you Irene! We wish you a fulfilling and joyful retirement!

CSULB graduates

Congratulations to our new Alumni!
We have again beaten our own graduation record and remain one of the largest Master's granting institution in the nation. Congratulations to all students and best wishes for their future!

Prashanth Jaikumar

Congratulations! Prof. Prashanth Jaikumar receives the 2016-17 CSULB Distinguished Scholarly and Creative Achievement Award.
This is a prestigious award that only one or two members of our University receive each year. Prof. Jaikumar joined the department in 2009 and has been remarkably prolific in his research. He is also recipient of multiple research grants, the most recent being one from the National Science Foundation. (see earlier news). He advised many students for their Master's thesis and is a great mentor of the APS Bridge Program and the Cal-Bridge Program. He presently is director of graduate studies and associate chair of the department.

Dany Atallah

Congratulations! Dany Atallah receives the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Dany Atallah received the very competitive Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. Dany is finishing his undergraduate studies at our department and is a Cal Bridge Student (mentors: Prof. T. Gredig at CSULB, Prof. A. Barth at UC Irvine). Dany received multiple offers from Ph.D. programs and has decided to join the prestigious department of Physics at Northwestern University (Chicago, Illinois) this coming Fall. Please congratulate Dany when you see him!

Chuhee Kwon

Professor Kwon is APS Woman Physicist of the Month
The American Physical Society conferred to Professor Chuhee Kwon, former department chair, the Woman Physicist of the Month Award in December 2016. The program highlights exceptional female physicists. The award recognizes female physicists who have positively impacted other individuals' lives and careers.

Nobel Prize

2016 Nobel Prize in Physics
This year's prize is a surprise, though clearly deserved! It was awarded to D.J. Thouless, F.D.M. Haldane and J. M. Kosterlitz for their theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter. This is a field closely related to the research of Michael Peterson in our department. See: Nobel Prize in Physics 2016. Congratulations to these outstanding physicists!

Society of Physics Students

Society of Physics Students New Leadership
The SPS 2016-2017 Administration list has been updated. Joseph Guzman is now the SPS President and Dion Blackshire the new Vice President.

Chuhee Kwon

Thank you to Professor Chuhee Kwon!
Professor Chuhee Kwon has led with great abilities, energy and sensibility the department of Physics & Astronomy at CSU Long Beach from 2010 to 2016. We are very grateful for her involvement and leadership in this position. Prof. Kwon started a well-deserved difference in pay leave for the academic year 2016-2017. She will use this time to design the next chapter of her life, with new research projects and responsibilities. Thank you for serving the department so well. Andreas Bill is taking over the task as chair of the department.

stars in the sky

Observatory Open House - Friday Aug. 26
You are invited to observe the night sky with the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Whether permitting come and join us on Friday, August 26th, from 8:00 - 9:00 pm. We will be viewing planets, binary stars, and seasonal deep sky objects with telescopes on the roof of the hall of science. You can access the HSCI roof by using the outdoor staircase on the west end of the building. Family members are welcome.

students studying

Southern California Physics GRE Boot Camp
This year for the first time the CPAPC Physics GRE Boot Camp will not take place at CSULB. You are invited to join for the boot camp organized at UC San Diego on August 13-14, 2016. Registration deadline is July 29, 2016.

Prashanth Jaikumar

Prof. Prashanth Jaikumar obtains an NSF research award to study neutron star oscillations
Prashanth Jaikumar obtained a highly competitive research award in Nuclear Theory and Astrophysics from the National Science Foundation. The award supports theoretical and computational research on neutron star oscillations and gravitational waves, as well as related outreach activities. He will study how quark matter inside neutron stars affects their spectrum of oscillation modes. The department congratulates Prashanth Jaikumar for this award!

Amethyst Radcliffe

Recent CSULB Physics Department Alumni Amethyst Radcliffe featured in APS News for her thin film discoveries
Read the full article on the APS News page: Physicist Makes Thin Films for Tough Conditions

Physics graduates class of 2016

Largest B.S. and M.S. graduating classes in Physics
The undergraduate and graduate programs of the department of Physics & Astronomy are thriving! This year about 50 students will graduate with a Bachelor in Science and 20 students will graduate with a Master's in Physics. For three years in a row the Master's program has the largest graduating cohort in Physics of the United States and this year's cohort almost doubled. The undergraduate cohort is also the largest of all the 23 CSUs. It is the fifth most productive program of all Universities in California, only behind Berkeley, UCLA, UCSB and UCSC. For the success of the program, the department of Physics & Astronomy obtained this year's "Award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education" from the American Physical Society.

Zack Hall III

Physics student Zack Hall III receives the CSULB Graduate Research Fellowship
Zack Hall III (Physics & Astronomy, APS Bridge student) received this year's Graduate Research Fellowship. Zack is a student of the graduate program and a Bridge Student of the American Physical Society. Zack is doing research in the group of Professor P. Jaikumar on "Non-Radial Oscillations of Compact Stars in General Relativity". Congratulations on this achievement!

Jessica Asbell

Jessica Asbell wins the 30th Annual CSU wide Student Research Competition
Jessica won first place for her research on "Non-Radial Fluid Pulsation Modes of Neutron Stars and Strange Quark Stars" in Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Graduate) at the statewide competition that took place in Bakersfield, April 30-May 1, 2016. Jessica Asbell is a graduate student in the group of Prof. P. Jaikumar. Congratulations to Jessica and her advisor for this outstanding achievement!

Galen Pickett

Galen Pickett wins the Mayfield Award
Each year the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Student Council hosts the Mayfield Balloting event to allow students to recognize and vote for a favorite faculty member. Our faculty member, Galen Pickett, has won this year's award. Please congratulate Dr. Pickett when you meet him!

M. Peterson obtains an NSF research award to study topological ordered phases of matter
Michael Peterson obtained a highly competitive research award in Condensed Matter & Materials Theory from the National Science Foundation. The award supports theoretical and computational research and education on new electronic states of matter in two dimensions. He will study the strange collective behavior of strongly correlated electrons that are for example foreseen as possible building blocks for the construction of quantum computers. Congratulate Mike Peterson for this award!

Katy Wimberly

Congratulations! M.K. Wimberly received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Katy Wimberly received the very competitive Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. Katy is a Cal Bridge Student and in our Master's program. She did her undergraduate studies in our department. She will join the PhD program of the department of Physics & Astronomy at UC Irvine this coming Fall. Please congratulate Katy when you see her!

Making Physics Fun, More Diverse
Inside CSULB published an article March 15, 2016 featuring the department and some of its students. The article shows ways in which the department makes physics not only a serious but also a fun activity and how we work to increase the number of women and minorities who successfully study Physics.

CSULB Student Research Competition: Congratulations!
Congratulations to all 7 Physics students who presented at the competition for their excellent presentations. In addition, Congratulations to Jessica Asbell (group of P. Jaikumar) who won the Competition in the Physical Sciences & Mathematics, to Daniel Diaz (Z. Papp) who won third place in the same category, and to Brendan Kawata (group of J. Kiesel; Science Education) for his third place in the category Education. (See the complete comment on LinkedIn, CSULB Physics Alumni Group).

LIGO detects colliding Black Holes, confirms Einstein's prediction of Gravitational Waves!
NSF announced, and Physical Review Letters published a paper on Feb. 11, 2016 about the observation of gravitational waves by the LIGO experiment. The conference press can also be found on YouTube and in the APS News and Physics News.

ORSP Student Research Assistantships - Deadline March 7
ORSP and Academic Affairs announce the scholarships to encourage student participation in a broad range of scholarly and academic activities during the Summer 2016.

David Ronquillo in the News!
David is a former students of our Master's program who is now a PhD student at The Ohio State University. David has an inspiring story. Read the article that his former Master's thesis advisor, Dr. Peterson, wrote about him.

New Undergraduate Advisor
Since the start of Spring 2016 Dr. Jiyeong Gu is the new undergraduate advisor of the department. She replaces Dr. Galen Pickett who had this role for many years. We are grateful to Dr. Pickett for his work towards improving our undergraduate studies both in the department and the College and University level! We welcome Jiyeong Gu in her new role! Make an appointment with Dr. Gu.

APS Far West

Annual Meeting of the APS Far West Section
The abstract submission deadline has passed. Last minute submissions can be made until Friday Oct. 16. Please abstract submissions. The annual meeting of the American Physical Society Far West Section will take place at CSU Long Beach on October 30-31, 2015.

2015 Future Science Teacher Award
Congratulations to Justin Fournier, an alumni of our department (B.S. 2014), of the department of Science Education (Physics & Chemistry credential 2015) and of the College of the Arts (B.A. in theater arts 2006) received the 2015 Future Science Teacher Award from the California Science Teachers Association.

Nobel Prize in Physics
T. Kajita (Tokyo University, Japan) and A. McDonald (Queen's University, Canada) share this year's Nobel prize in Physics for their experimental work on neutrino charge identity. Congratulations! See: Nobel Prize in Physics 2015.

SoCal GRE Boot Camp Aug. 28,29 at CSULB
The now traditional southern California GRE Boot Camp organized by CSU Long Beach and CPAPC will take place on August 28, 29, 2015. The camp is organized primarily for under-represented groups of the population in physics. Please see GRE Boot Camp for more information.

Claudia Ojeda-Aristizabal

New faculty: Claudia Ojeda-Aristizabal
We are pleased to welcome Professor Ojeda-Aristizabal among the faculty members at our department! Claudia is coming from UC Berkeley where she was a postdoc. She did her PhD at the Universite Paris XI (Orsay) and is a native from Colombia. Claudia is an experimental physicist working in the field of quantum phenomena in nanoscale layered structures. We are glad about this much needed addition to our department faculty!

The department of Physics together with the department of Chemistry has obtained substantial funding to create the Keck Energy and Materials Research Program (KEMP). This interdisciplinary program focuses on Materials Research and the development of a Materials Science Degree Option. Congratulations to T. Gredig and M. Peterson who are co-PIs of the grant with X. Bu, S. Derakhshan and Y-S. Shon from Chemistry!

The Koondies Learning Platform Featured in Online Journal
The Koondies learning platform developed by Profs. Hlousek, Gredig, and Pickett was featured in a recent issue of online journal Campus Technology.

Prof. Kwon is one of nine recipients of the 2015 Alumni Grants Program
sponsored by the CSULB Alumni Association to purchase solar telescopes for Astronomy classes.

Tony Torres - 40 years on staff at the department
The Faculty members and students wish to congratulate Tony Torres for his years of service at CSU Long Beach and at the department of Physics & Astronomy in particular. Tony started in 1975 and witnessed the transformation of the University over the years to its present form. If you meet Tony in the corridors or the issue room, don't forget to congratulate him for his service to the department and University!

Natalie Brown Rocked the APS Presentations
Natalie Brown, masters student, wins 1st place for the Kenny Reed Award for graduate theory at the recent APS Far West section meeting in Reno, NV. Congrats, Natalie!

Wendy Chavez and Maria Rodriguez present their summer research at the CAMPARE symposium
The CAMPARE program provides paid summer research opportunities in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics for motivated undergraduate students from under-represented groups in Physics. Contact Dr. Jaikumar for details.

Melynda Jaramillo, John McCord and Kevin Ngo selected for NASA internships
Student Independent Research Internships (SIRI) at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory give our students cutting-edge research experience in space research as a component of their academic program, while helping them make informed career choices.

GRE Bootcamp, Hosted by CSULB Phsycis and Astronomy Department
The 4th annual CPAPC/CSULB GRE Boot camp is meant primarily for under-represented students in Physics from CSU campuses in their junior/senior year who intend to apply for PhD programs. However, it is open to all students at local CSU and UC campuses.

The department of Physics & Astronomy has been selected... one of four APS Bridge Sites by the American Physical Society. The other sites are Florida State U, The Ohio State U, and the U of South Florida who join bridge programs preexisting the APS Bridge Program of Columbia U, Fisk-Vanderbilt, MIT and U. of Michigan. The project aims at building bridges between our Master's and undergraduate program with PhD schools across the country for students belonging to underrepresented groups of the population in Physics. Funding has been supplied to both CSULB and FSU for the development of the Bridge Program, read the whole ASP article.

CSULB Physics and Astronomy Department Tops National Ranking
The Physics and Astronomy Department at Cal State Long Beach ranks at the top of 62 departments in the United States that offer a master's as their highest physics degree. Also featured in: The Orange County Register, Long Beach Press-Telegram, Inside CSULB and Long Beach Post.

An excellent news!
The Physics & Astronomy Department is recognized as the largest physics Master's-Granting Departments in the U.S. Table 1 in the page 4 of the report shows that the department awards the annual average of 12 MS degrees in classes of 2010, 2011 & 2012 combined.

Stephanie Sodergren

Undergraduate physics major Stephanie Sodergren has won the Alumni Association's 2014 CNSM Outstanding Graduate Award
In addition to a 4.0 GPA, Stephanie has also completed honors thesis "Switchable Plasmonic Circuits using VO2 Metal-Insulator Phase Transition" in the Nano-optics group (advisor Y. Abate). The Nano-optics group and the department of physics and astronomy congratulates Stephanie for a fantastic job well done!

William Hutzel won the first place and Khang Nguyen received the honorable mention in the CSULB student research competition.
William will represent the university in the CSU research competition, May 2-3, CSU East Bay.

Roy Ready is the winner in the Annual Internship Essay Competition
A compitition sponsored by the CSULB Career Development Center. As the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics winner, he receives the $500 award at the Essay Contest Awards and the certificate.

Galen Pickett's Origami Art
Professor Galen Pickett's two origami art pieces are accepted to the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) Exhibition of Mathematical Art to be held in Baltimore, Maryland, January 15-18, 2014.

Congratulations to Thomas E. Baker
(former student of Prof. Bill). He won the Kennedy Reed Award for Best Theoretical Research by a graduate student (Nov. 2013). The research has been done during his Master's thesis in our group and is related to the work submitted recently.

CSULB in the Orange County Register
CSULB was noted as "a technology Candyland." See article CSULB is going on a tech spending spree

Nobel Prize in Physics
François Englert and Peter W. Higgs receive the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics "for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. See Nobel Prize in Physics 2013.

Slobodan Bob Stankovic

In Memoriam of Slobodan Bob Stankovic
It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of our colleague and friend Slobodan Bob Stankovic, Faculty Lecturer at the department of Physics and Astronomy. Bob unexpectedly passed away on Friday May 31, 2013. Read Bob Stankovic's epitaph.

Public Talk (Aug 15, 16): Curiosity's First Year on Mars
Ashwin Vasavada, Mars Science Laboratory Deputy Project Scientists, Thursday, Aug. 15 at von Karman Auditorium (JPL, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena) and Friday, Aug. 16 at Pasadena City College's Vosloh Forum. (1570 E. Colorado Blvd) 7 p.m. von Karman Lecture Series for more information.

Peer to Peer Instruction Summer Workshop - July 11, 2013 - 11:30am-3:30pm - HSCI-102
The departments of Physics & Astronomy and Science Education invite you to the Peer to Peer Instruction Summer Workshop. The workshop is free, and lunch is provided. Please register at: More information is found on the calendar.

Southern California Condensed Matter Theory Meeting
This meeting is organized by Drs. A.Bill, M. Peterson and S. Haas (USC) Friday April 12, 2013 from 12-6pm in HSCI-102. Eight talks will be given, among which one by Dr. Peterson. The program, abstract and other information can be found on the meeting webpage.

Spring Fellows Colloquium
Dr. P. Jaikumar is one of two featured guest speakers at this years fellows colloquium on, Cosmic Secrets Unlocked - The Bright and Dark Sides of Our Universe, Thursday March 14, 2013, RSVP online by March 9th at

PhysTEC Open House:
The March 2 (8:30am-12:30pm) Open House welcomes high school teachers and students and members of CSULB for a talk, a brunch, and some fun activities. See the webpage of the PhysTEC Open House.

The mission of the Cal-Bridge program is to increase the number of California State University (CSU) students completing their bachelor's degree and successfully entering a PhD program to study astronomy or a closely related field (e.g., planetary science).
Click here to obtain more information on Cal-Bridge

The CAMPARE program is a network of Community Colleges and comprehensive universities in California from which students are recruited to participate in undergraduate research projects for 10 weeks in the summer. Students are paid a stipend; travel and housing expenses are also included.
Click here to obtain more information about CAMPARE

5th CNSM Faculty Research Symposium:
The event will take place Friday March 1 from 12:30-6pm in the Univ. Student Union Ballrooms. The program of the research symposium can be downloaded here as a pdf file.

Congratulations to our Alumni

  • Firuz Demir, Alumni of our department just finished his PhD in Physics at Simon Fraser University, Canada.
  • Joe Day, Alumni of the department and PhD student at University of Graz, Austria will come give the colloquium talk on February 11, 2013!

Congratulations to our SPS!
The CSULB Society of Physics Students (SPS) is recognized as 2012 Outstanding Chapter! Congratulation to the president Julia Meiner, all participating students and the SPS advisor Dr. T. Gredig for a lively SPS and for all its activities!

New PhysTEC teacher in residence.
We welcome Kevin Dwyer as our newest teaching resident for 2012-2013. Read more on Kevin Dwyer profile page.

Congratulations to our students for obtaining the following awards:

  • Tom Baker won the 2012 CSU wide Student Research Competition in Physical Sciences & Mathematics.
  • Sarah E. Grefe - CSULB Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Sam Koshy - 2011, NASA Graduate Student Award.
  • Jill Pestana, Stephanie Sodergren - NASA summer research internship.
  • Tom Baker - CSULB Graduate Research Fellowship and Philip Ord Johnson awards.
  • Brandon Kawata - John and Terry Milligan award.
  • Chris Safranski - Philip Ord Johnson award.
  • Daniel Javier - Richard and Florence Scalettar Scholarship.
  • Matthew Werber and Anastasia Woo - Richard Scalettar Special Scholarship.
  • Ralph Damato - Simon George Physics Scholarship.
  • Brian Flores, Victoria Marsh, Hanming Yuan, Ramsey Noah and Ryan Hashi - Physics Department Scholarship Fund.
  • Daniel Javier Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Fellow

GRE Boot Camp, 2012.
The department hosted its second Physics GRE Boot Camp on May 19-20, 2012. The weekend was organized by the California Professoriate for Access to Physics Careers (CPAPC). Thirty-two students attended the preparation camp and faculty members from UC Santa Barbara, UCLA, UC Riverside, UC Irvine and UC San Diego came to present their respective PhD programs and participated in a Question & Answer session with students.

Nasa Graduate Award, 2012.
Graduate student Sam Koshy obtained for the second time a NASA Graduate Student Award. Sam is the only student from a non-PhD granting University to obtain this award this year!

CSULB Faculty recieved Award of Excellence, 2011.
One of our faculty, Andreas Bill, was awarded the 2011 Faculty Award for Excellence (aka the "Pretty Darn Good Professor award") of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Cali, Colombia, June 29-July 1, 2011.
Last summer two of our faculty, Thomas Gredig and Andreas Bill, co-organized a conference entitled Trends on Nanoscale Superconductivity and Magnetism, International workshop.

Centennial of Superconductivity cover

In 2010 the department had the largest number of Physics Master's students graduating among Master's granting institutions in the nation! See more news in our Physics & Astronomy Department Newsletter.

Nobel Prize

This Year's Nobel Prize
The Nobel prize in Physics has been given to Saul Perlmutter, Brian P. Schmidt, and Adam G. Ries for "the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe through observation of distant supernovae". See the official announcement: Nobel Prize in Physics 2011.

The Nobel prize in Chemistry has been given to D. Shechtman for "the discovery of quasicrystals." See the official announcement: Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011. Note: this topic is one of the semester projects offered in our Intro. to Solid State Physics class (PHYS-470/569).