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California State University, Long Beach
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Department News and Colloquium

Colloquium Archive

Academic Year 2016-2017

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
August 29 Meet & Mix CSULB Faculty and Staff Faculty and Staff
September 12 Properties of low-mass AGN as they relate to unification and massive AGN Carol Hood, CSU San Bernardino
September 19 Mathematical Structures in Quantum Field Theory in Curved Space Alfonso Agnew, CSU Fullerton
September 26 From Imaginary Experiments to Quantum Information Luis Orozco, University of Maryland
October 3 A State of Matter that is Soft on the Outside, but Tough on the Inside Cenke Xu, UC Santa Barbara
October 10 Radar Sounding of Icy Worlds: From ice fields to Mars, Europa, and Beyond Yonggyu Gim, JPL
October 17 Gravitational Waves
from Vibrating Neutron Stars
Prashanth Jaikumar, CSU Long Beach
October 24 Steven White, UC Irvine
October 31 Topological “spin” transport through
magnetic insulators
Fangyuan Tian, CSU Long Beach
November 7 Tuning electron interactions
and stabilizing novel phases
in quasi two- dimensional superconductors
Dr. Nicholas P. Breznay
November 14 ... Alexander Levine, UC Los Angeles
November 21 N/A N/A
November 28 Topological “spin” transport through
magnetic insulators
Yaroslav Tserkovnyak, UC Los Angeles
February 13 Dark Matter in the Cosmic Context Dr. Katherine J. Mack,
University of Melbourne, Australia
February 20 Quark Matter in Neutron Stars Dr. Thomas Klaehn
University of Wroclaw, Poland
February 27 Is the Higgs Elementary or Composite? Dr. Daniel Nogradi,
Eotvos University
March 6 Wiring up Biology: Natural and Bioinspired Materials for Long-Range Electronic Transport Allon I. Hochbaum,
University of California, Irvine
March 13 Student Learning in the Upper-division: Difficulties and Assessment Qing Ryan,
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
April 3 Random Walk to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory:Opportunities and Interactions in Materials Science R. Peter Dillon,
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
April 10 Allosteric Regulation of Integrin Adhesion Receptors Tobias Ulmer,
University of Southern California
April 17 Large shift current generation in two-dimensional Ferroelectrics Benjamin Fregoso,
Kent State University
May 1 Radiography at the Nevada National Security Site Cygnus Facility Stephen E. Mitchell,
Nevada National Security Site
May 8 Student Research Presentations I Research Students,
California State University Long Beach
May 10 Student Research Presentations II Research Students,
California State University Long Beach
June 6 Moire Superlattice of Graphene on Boron Nitride Valeri Kotov,
University of Vermont

Academic Year 2015-2016

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
August 31 Meet & Mix CSULB Faculty and Staff Faculty and Staff
September 14 Light Nuclei, the Universe, and Everything Kenneth Nollett, Department of Physics, San Diego State University
September 21 Looking for unconventional quantum states in layered materials & heterostructures Claudia Ojeda-Aristizabal, CSULB
September 28 Magnetoresistance Measurements on SmB6 – Cornering the Parameter Space of an Illusive Correlated Topological Insulator Cagliyan Kurdak, University of Michigan
October 5 The Role of Physics in Medicine: Examples from X-Ray Computed Tomography M. McNitt-Gray, UCLA Radiology
October 12 Searching for the dark universe with matter wave interferometry P. Hamilton, UCLA
October 19 From Physics to Data Science D. Benveniste, EMC Corporation
October 26 Heating up Quantum Mechanics S. Parameswaran, UC Irvine
October 29-31 Annual Meeting of the APS Far West Section Conference Webpage
November 2
The Unpredictable, the Predetermined, and the Postdetermined Unfold Together
R.G. James, UC Davis
November 9 Quadratic Magneto Optical Kerr Effect and Chirality of Magnetization Reversal in Py/SmFe/Py Exchange Springs Jiyeong Gu, CSULB
November 16 Magnetic Force Microscopy of Magnets with Competing Interactions Yeong-Ah Soh
November 30
Confining Energetic Ions in Magnetic Fusion Experiments
William Heidbrink
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy,
UC Irvine
December 2 Student Presentations I CSULB students
December 7 Student Presentations II CSULB students
December 9 Student Presentations III CSULB students
January 25 Time Fluctuations in Quantum Systems Out-of-Equilibrium Lorenzo Campos Venuti, USC
February 1 Functionalizing Graphene for Spintronics and Quantum Information Applications: Density Functional Studies Ruqian Wu, UCI
February 8 Anyonics: Designing Exotic Circuitry with Non-Abelian Anyons Kirill Shtengel, UCR
February 15    
February 22 On the Dynamics of Planets, Stars and Black Holes – New Insights from Triples Smadar Naoz, UCLA
February 24 Investigating Complexity One Atom at a Time Eric Hudson, Penn State University
March 7 The Search for Supersymmetry at the LHC: News from the Front Lines Owen Long, UC Riverside
March 14 Probing the Structure and Dynamics of the Solar Interior Using Helioseismology Edward J. Rhodes, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, University of Southern California
March 21 Dark Sunshine Flip Tanedo, UC Irvine
April 4 Current and future gravitational-wave discoveries with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, LIGO Joshua Smith, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, CSU Fullerton
April 11 Painting on canvases of 2D Crystals Jay Gupta, Ohio State University
April 18 What can we learn from neutron stars? Lee Lindblom, University of California, San Diego
April 25 Low energy electrodynamics of strongly disordered superconductors Götz Seibold, Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany

Academic Year 2014-2015

Spring 2015

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
February 2,2015 Rapid Sequencing of Individual DNA Molecules with Graphene Nanogaps Henk Postma, CSUN
February 9, 2015 Probing and Controlling Ultrafast Electron Motion with Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy Michael Chini, UCF
February 11, 2015 Transparent Conducting Oxide Active Plasmonics and Metasurfaces: Ultrasmall and Ultrathin Optics Howard Lee, Caltech
February 16, 2015 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Condensed Matter Physics: Unconventional Superconductivity, Quantum Magnetism, and Other Magnificent Tales Georgios Koutroulakis, UCLA
February 18, 2015 Few-body Physics in Ultracold Atoms: Observation of Geometric Scaling Symmetry in Li-Cs-Cs Efimov States Shih-Kuang Tung, NU
February 23, 2015 Molding Light with Flat Optics Myoung Hwan Kim, Columbia U.
February 25, 2015 Quantum Phenomena and Layered Heterostructures Claudia Ojeda-Aristizabal, UCB
March 9, 2015 What is a Sagnac interferometer and what can it do? Jing Xia, UC Irvine.
March 16, 2015 Local Probes of the Early Universe: Using Nearby Brown Dwarfs to Measure Lithium Production in Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Adam Burgasser, UCSD
March 23, 2015 The Cosmos seen through the Planck Satellite's Eyes Elena Pierpaoli, USC
April 6, 2015 The Role Of Quantum Geometry In Topological Phases Rahul Roy, UCLA
April 13, 2015 When Spin meets Momentum? Vivek Aji,UCR
April 20, 2015 Cosmic Light Asantha Cooray, UCI
April 27, 2015 Metamorphosis of Superconducting Correlations in a Magnetic Material Andreas Bill, CSULB

Fall 2014

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
June 2 Development of Micro-Devices for Intra-Cellular Recordings in Awake Active Brains M. Barbic, HHMI
September 8 Physics Deparment Meet & Mix Faculty and
September 15 Density Functional Theory: A great physics success story Kieron Burke, UC Irvine
September 22 BME/Medical Physics; Assisted management of cardiopulmonary diseases Christopher Druzgalski, CSULB
September 29 Radiationless Decay Studied by Time- Dependent Density Functional Theory Enrico Tapavicza, CSULB
October 6 Electronic correlations in multi-orbital systems and iron based superconductors Elena Bascones: ICMM, CSIC
October 13 Searches for Particle Dark Matter Tim Tait, UCI
October 20 Theoretical Approaches towards HIV Vaccine Designs and Prevention Efforts Ha Youn Lee, USC
October 27 Simulation and spectroscopy of many-body systems with cold atoms and molecules Wes Campbell, UCLA
November 3 Probing the Interior of Neutron Stars through Non-radial Oscillations Prashanth Jaikumar, CSULB
November 10 Spin Dynamics Applied to Iron Phthalocyanine Thomas Gredig, CSULB
November 17 Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics: A Tool to Reveal and Harness Nature’s Most Cherished Secrets Wendell T. Hill, III, UMD
November 24 Understanding Stellar Neutrinos Michael Smy, UCI
December 1 Self-Organized Pattern Formation in Thin Liquid Films Michael Bestehorn, BTU (Germany)
December 5 Student Presentations I CSULB Students
December 8 Student Presentations II CSULB Students

Academic Year 2013-2014

Spring 2014

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
January 27 Laser Eye Surgery: Applied Physics at its Finest F. Raksi
February 3 Computational Approach to Undergraduate Physics Laboratory Zoltan Papp, CSULB
February 10 Superconducting States in pseudo-Landau levels of Strained Graphene Yafis Barlas, UCR
February 17 Heating up the Vacuum: a new Spin on QCD at RHIC Kenneth R. Barish, UCR
February 24 My Favorite Elementary Particle: The Neutrino James Hill, CSUDH
March 3 Space Situational Awareness: Providing advanced, innovative space surveillance technologies to the warfighter Kenneth A. Abeloe
Integrity Applications Incorporated
March 10 Nonlinear dynamics and phase transitions in heart cells Y. Shiferaw, CUN
March 17 Quantum Transport and Correlated Phenomena in Bilayer and Trilayer Graphene Membranes J. Lau, UCR
March 24 Effective Field Theory A. Manohar, UCSD
April 7 Engineering Light Matter Interactions with Colloidal Systems Regina Ragan, UCR
April 14 X-ray and Infrared Observational Studies of Star Formation Across the Milky Way Matthew Povich, CSPUP
April 21 Planet Formation Revealed by High-Contrast Imaging Michael Fitzgerald, UCLA
April 28 Large Graphs in Physics: From Statistical Mechanics of Networks to Quantum Cosmology Dmitri Krioukov, USCD
May 5th
May 7th
Students Research Presentations I & II Students, CSULB

Fall 2013

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
August 19 Spectral Analysis and Applications of Plasmonic Gold Nanocones U. Tuebingen
September 9 Meet & Mix CSULB
September 16 Under Siege: Searching for the Identity of Dark Matter Manoj Kaplinghat, UCI
September 23 Building Electronic Circuits at the Single Molecule Scale Phil Collins, UCI
September 30 The Time-Dependent Aharonov-Bohm Effect Doug Singleton, CSU Fresno
October 7 Developing large-enrollment, conceptual physics courses: Active learning and science practices for non-majors Edward Price, CSU San Marcos
October 14 Opening A New Window to Charged Particle Astronomy Konstantin Belov, UCLA
October 21 Investigating the Physics of Mass Transfer in Algol Binaries from Spacecraft Data Geraldine Peters, USC
October 28 Supercomputer simulations of colliding black holes Geoffrey Lovelace, CSUF
November 4 Peer Learning Zvonko Hlousek, CSULB
November 12 Sub-wavelength Scale Light-matter Interaction: Y. Abate, CSULB
November 18 First Light on the Cosmological Dark Ages Peng Oh, UCSB
November 25 Extracellular Charge Transport in Microbial Communities: Physics meets Microbiology Moh El-Naggar, USC
December 2 What Shuts Down Star Formation in Galaxies? Alison Coil, UC San Diego
December 9 Student Presentations I CSULB Students
December 11 Student Presentations II CSULB Students

Academic Year 2012-2013

Spring 2013

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
January 28 CSULB Students Research Presentations S.E.Grefe and S.Hedges CSU Long Beach
February 4 High Temperature Superconductivity: Taming Serendipity L. H. Greene, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
February 11 Holographic QCD: Insights and Applications J. Day, U. of Graz, Austria
February 18 CSULB Students Presenting their Research W. Klink, U. of Iowa
February 25 Strain Induced Quantum Hall States in Graphene S. Haas, USC
March 4 Effect of Gravity and Finite Temperature on the Decay of the False Vacuum L.C. Loveridge, Pierce College
March 11 Graphene Koans B.C. Regan, UCLA
March 18 No Colloquium (APS March Meeting) NA
March 25 X-Ray Microscopy at a Synchrotron - Large Machines and Small Devices H. Ohldag, SLAC
April 8 Heavy Electrons and Superconductivity Z. Fisk, UC Irvine
April 15 The Physics of Wall Street J.O. Weatherall
April 17
TBA J. Mather, 2006 Nobel Laureate in Physics
April 22 Studying Gravity to Defying Gravity: A Physicist in Aerospace Sam Waldman, SpaceX
April 29 The Search for Majorana Modes in Solid-State Systems R. Lutchyn, Microsoft Station Q
May 6 Student Presentations I Students of CSU Long Beach
May 8 Student Presentations II Students of CSU Long Beach

Fall 2012

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
September 10 Meet & Mix Members of the department
September 17 Bifurcations and Phase-Locking Dynamics in Hair Cells of the Inner Ear Dolores Bozovic- UCLA
September 24 Physics of Medical Imaging: Seeing Inside the Human Body with Radiation – A Career in Healthcare for Physicists Leh-nien Loo- Kaiser Permanente
October 1 Physics Education Research and the Upper Division Michael Loverude- CSUF
October 8 My Journey Back to the Beach Kevin Dwyer- Teacher in Residence, CSULB
October 15 Graphene Plasmonics: Tunable Resonators with Extreme Light Confinement Victor Brar- Caltech
October 22 Superconductivity in Fe-Based Superconductors: Competing Orders and Cooper-pairing Ilyia Eremin- University of Bochum, Germany
October 29 Raman Probe Force Microscope K. Wickramasinghe, UC Irvine,
November 5 Keeping it Light: Sculpting the Color and Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Ultrafast Laser Beams Using Spatial Light Modulators Matt Anderson- SDSU
November 12 Veterans Day- Closed
TUESDAY Nov. 13 Extreme Tides: The Dynamic Response of Neutron Stars in Merging Binaries J. Read, CSU Fullerton
November 19 Multi-Component Equations in Quantum Mechanics Z. Papp, CSU Long Beach.
November 26 Stringy Surprises at Strong Coupling Clifford Johnson- USC
December 3 Topological Quantum Computation Chetan Nayak- Station Q & KITP UCSB
December 10 Student presentations I- CSULB Students, CSULB
December 12 Student presentations II- CSULB Students, CSULB

Academic Year 2011-2012

Spring 2012

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
May 9 Student Research Presentations II CSULB Students,
room HSCI-224
May 7 Student Research Presentations I CSULB Students,
room HSCI-224
April 30 Magnetism and
Superconductivity in
Inhomogeneous Systems
Richard Scalettar,
UC Davis
April 23 Learning Solutions 4
the Social Age
Z. Hlousek, T. Gredig, C. Kwon, , J. Kisiel, CSU Long Beach
April 16 Physics in Medicine: A Condensed Matter Physicist’s Journey into Medical Physics Daniel Scanderbeg,
UC San Diego
April 9 Astronomy and Fundamental Physics with Space-Based Gravitational-Wave Detectors Michele Vallisneri,
JPL & Caltech
April 2 Polymer Solar Cells Gang Li,
March 26 Spring Break: No Colloquium
March 19 Thick Graphene / Thin Graphite: Electronic Transport in ABA Trilayer Graphene Erik Henriksen,
March 12 Noise in Superconducting Qubits and Spin Glasses Clare Yu,
UC Irvine
March 5 SOFIA - NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy Dana Backman, SETI Institute, NASA Ames Research Center
February 27 Unruh-DeWitt Detectors: Measuring the Temperature of the Vacua Doug Singleton,
CSU Fresno
February 20 Metallic Nanoclusters: Properties, Clusters vs Nuclei, High Temperature Superconducting State Vladimir Kresin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
February 13 The Way of the Physicist. A Brief Picture of of the Fun/Trouble I have Had & Caused
Harald Butch Miller, Northrop Grumman
February 6 Gravitational Waves, a New Window on the Universe Jay Marx, LIGO, Caltech
January 30 Not Yet the Last to Lay the Old Aside Virginia Trimble, UC Irvine

Fall 2011

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
Friday,  December 16 Gaia, a Mission to Map our Galaxy L. Eyer, Geneva observatory, Switzerland
Wednesday, December 7 Radiometric Dating as a Reliable Clock of Geology Z. Pecskay, Inst. of Nuclear Research, Debrecen, Hungary
December 5 Students presentations II Students enrolled in 698, 697, 691, 496.
November 30 Students presentations I Students enrolled in 698, 697, 691, 496.
November 21 Pure Spin Currents: Discharging Spintronics Axel Hoffmann, Argonne Natl. lab.
November 14 Surface Plasmon Resonance: Instrumentation and Applications to Studies of Electrode Reactions and Detections of Biomakers. Feimeng Zhou, CSU Los Angeles
November 7 Topological Non-Abelian Anyons and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect Michael Peterson, CSU Long Beach
October 31 Results from the First Two Years of the Large Hadron Collider Beate Heinemann, UC Berkeley
October 24 Superconductivity in Synthetic Metals Stuart Brown, UCLA
October 19 Science & Discovery - Life of a Scientist Charles Townes, UC Berkeley
October 17 Mid-Infrared Variability of Orion Protostars using Spitzer Susan Terebey, CSU Los Angeles
October 10 Physics of the Sun Werner Däppen, USC
October 3 Physics Education, Interactive Engagement, and Technology: Understanding the Complexity of the Classroom Edward Price, CSU San Marcos
September 26 Three-Dimensional Magnetic Field Line Reconnection Involving Magnetic Flux Ropes and Current Sheets Walter Gekelman, UCLA
September 19 High School Physics Standards: A Nationwide Comparison Kathryn Beck, Bolsa Grande High School & Teacher in Residence at CSU Long Beach
September 12 Meet & Mix Members of the department

Academic Year 2010-2011

Spring 2011

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
May 9 & 11 Students Research Presentations I & II Students of the department, CSU Long Beach
May 2 Interaction of Composite Particles Z. Papp, CSU Long Beach
April 25 Dark Energy B. Desai, UC Riverside
April 18 Magnetothermopower as a Tool for Studying the Electronic Properties of Layered Organic Conductors D. Krstovska, National High Magnetic Field Lab., Florida State Univ., & Ss. Cyril and Methodius Univ., Skopje, Macedonia
April 11 Quantum Computing: Harnessing a New Force of Nature E. Ladizinsky, D-Wave Systems, Inc.
April 4 Hubble's New View of the Evolving Universe of Galaxies M.A. Malkan, UCLA
Friday, March 25 Plasmonics and the Near Field M. Moskovits, UC Santa Barbara
March 21 Translational Research in Proton Therapy: A Medical Physics Perspective A.J. Wroe, Loma Linda University
March 14 The Development of Relativistic Ultrafast Electron Diffraction: Using Particle Accelerators to Watch Atoms Move in Real Time P. Musumeci, UCLA
February 28 Topological Phases of Matter, the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, and the Reality of Non-Abelian Anyons M. Peterson, UC Santa Barbara
February 23 Quantum Phases in Ultracold Atomic and Molecular Lattice Systems B. Capogrosso-Sansone, ITAMP, Harvard-Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics and Harvard Physics Department
February 21 Few-Body Physics with Ultracold Quantum Gases: from Efimov Physics to Controllable Chemical Reactions J.P. D'Incao, JILA, Univ. of Colorado and NIST
February 16 Topological Insulators: from Clean Energy to Exotic Particles! P. Ghaemi, UC Berkeley
February 14 Very Broad Band Sensors for Global Seismic Recording T. VanZandt, Metrozet LLC
February 7 The First Realistic Quantum Spin Liquid S. White, UC Irvine
January 31 Physics Education Online Z. Hlousek, CSU Long Beach

Fall 2010

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
December 6 & 8 Students Research Presentations Students enrolled in PHYS-496, 697, 698, CSU Long Beach
November 29 Exploring the Unknown Universe with the LHC D. Whiteson, UC Irvine
November 22 Recent Advances in High-Temperature Superconductivity N-C. Yeh, Caltech
November 15 Creating an Effective Professional Presentation D. Davis, McNair Scholars Program Oral Presentation Instructor
November 8 The Role of Orbital and Spin Ordering in Manganites – A Direct View from Static and Time-Resolved Resonant Soft X-Ray Scattering S. Zhou, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
November 3 Broadband Infrared Near-Field Nanoscopy F. Keilmann, Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Germany
November 1 Quantum Phases of Cold Atom Mixtures S-W. Tsai, UC Riverside
October 25 Phases of Dense Matter in Compact Stars F. Weber, SDSU
October 18 Spectroscopic Characterization of Extra-Solar Planets P. Deroo, JPL
October 11 Simplicity Through Innovation - The Path to High Gain Solar B. MacDonald, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Skyline Solar
October 4 Progress Towards Discovering the Biophysical Basis of Magnetic Sensing T. Ritz, UC Irvine
September 27 Fundamental Studies of Fast-Ion Physics in Magnetically Confined Plasmas W.W. Heidbrink, UC Irvine
September 20 What I've Learned - 25 Years Teaching High-School Physics Rod Ziolkowski, Whitney High School & Teacher in Residence at CSU Long Beach
September 13 Meet & Mix Members of the department

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Academic Year 2009-2010

Spring 2010

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
May 12 & 14 Student presentations Students enrolled in PHYS-691, 697, 698
May 10 An Investigation of Magnetic Reversal at the Nanoscale E.D. Dahlberg, University of Minnesota
May 3 Earth's Interior Revealed Through Diamond Anvils J.M. Jackson, Caltech
April 26 Ion Transport Through Nanopores: From Living Cells to Diodes and Transistors Z. Siwy, UC Irvine
April 19 32nd Nobel Laureate Lecture E. Wieschaus, Princeton University
April 12 Exploring the Nanoworld from Visible to Infrared Frequencies Y. Abate, CSULB
April 5 Magnetic Moments and Coulomb Interaction G. Bergmann, USC
March 22 The Dark Universe: Dark Ages, Dark Matter and Dark Energy B. Mobasher, UC Riverside
March 15 Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage: Creating a Sustainable Energy Future S. Haile, Caltech
March 8 A Colorful Take on Superconductivity P. Jaikumar, CSU Long Beach
February 22 Key Issues in Medical X-ray CT: Radiation Dose, Image Quality and the Tradeoffs Between Them M. McNitt-Gray, UCA
February 15 Astrophysical Signatures of Quark-Matter Phase Transition - The Quark-Nova R. Ouyed, Univ. of Calgary, Canada
February 8 Solar System Galactic Frontier: Where the Solar Wind Meets Interstellar Medium M. Gruntman, USC
February 1 Unruh / Hawkings Radiation for Undergraduates D. Singleton, CSU Fresno

Fall 2009

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
December 7 & 9 Students Presentation II Students, CSU Long Beach
November 30 Mapping Tissue Microstructure with Magnetic Resonance Imaging R.G. Henry, UC San Francisco
November 23 Proximity Effect in Superconductor/Ferromagnet Hybrid Systems J. Gu, CSU Long Beach
November 16 NMR and mSR as Probes of Quantum Criticality and Magnetic Frustration O. Bernal, CSU Los Angeles
November 9 Investigating Complexity One Atom at a Time: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of High-Temperature Superconductors E. Hudson, MIT
November 2 Furlough: Campus closed Reason: budgetary cuts of the state of California with catastrophic consequences for our youth
October 26 Frustrated, Degenerate, and Breaking Apart: The Bright Side of Life in Triangular Lattices A.L. Chernyshev, UC Irvine
October 19 Inhomogeneity in VO2: Memristance and Other Effects T. Driscoll, UC San Diego
October 12 Crystallization of a Solid: The Grain Size Distribution A. Bill, CSU Long Beach
October 5 Archimede's Oldest Writings Under X-Ray Vision U. Bergmann, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL), and SLAC Nat. Accelerator Lab.
September 28 In Case of Abrupt Climate Change, Break Glas G. Benford, UC Irvine
September 21 Baryons as Relativistic Three-Quark Systems W. Plessas, University of Graz, Austria
September 14 Meet the Students, Meet the Faculty, Meet the Staff! Chair and Faculty of the department

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Academic Year 2008-2009

Spring 2009

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
May 11 & 13 Student presentations Students enrolled in PHYS-691, 697, 698
May 4 Can metamaterials make you invisible? V.V. Shkunov, Raytheon Corporation
April 27 Graphene: Quantum Transport in a Two-Dimensional Membrane J. Lau, UC Riverside
April 20 Making foam flow: what is the real difference between fluids and solids M. Dennin, UC Irvine
April 13 Illuminating the ultra-fast and ultra-small: The path to the X-ray free electron laser J. Rosenzweig, UCLA
April 6 Reporting of research news for Physics Today B. G. Levi, Physics Today
March 25 New physics in multicomponent cold atomic gases R. Barnett, Caltech
March 23 Road to discovery Atlas/ LHC Y. Gao, CSU Fresno
March 16 The LHC - Journey at the Heart of Matter A. Taffard, UC Irvine
March 9 The strange role that Iron may play in new high-temperature superconductors J. Rodriguez, CSU Los Angeles
March 2 Introduction to Spintronics and spin transfer torque devices C.Y. You, Inha Univ., Korea, and CSU Long Beach
February 23 Applications of lasers in science, technology, and health care Zsolt Bor, University of Szeged, Hungary, and AMO
February 16 Exploring Casimir effects in quantum vacuum: is vacuum really empty? W.-J. Kim, Yale University
February 9 Neutron stars: astrophysical laboratories for superdense matter P. Jaikumar, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India
February 2 Chemical microscopy and spectroscopy at the nanometer scale Y. Abate, UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
January 28 Using numerical simulations to study the formation and evolution of galaxies T. Cox, Harvard-Smithonians Center for Astrophysics
January 26 Extreme nonlinear optics: from models and simulations to understanding physics M. Kolesik, Univ. of Arizona

Fall 2008

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
1& 8
Student presentations II Students enrolled in PHYS-691, 697, 698
November 24 Cancelled  
November 17 Potential Disasters from Quantum Black Holes Being Produced at the LHC CERN Labs P. Nicolini, Univ. of Trieste & INFN, CSU Fresno
November 10 Three-Body Scattering Without Asymptotic Boundary Conditions R. Shakeshaft, USC
November 3 Neutrino Oscillations: Recent Triumphs and Future Challenges R.D.McKeown, Caltech
October 27 Faster, Smaller, Smarter: Using Light to See Things Smaller than the Wavelength of Light! A. Small, Cal Poly Pomona
October 20 Supersolid Order for Frustrated Hard-Core Bosons in a Triangular Lattice System D.N. Sheng, CSU Northridge
October 13 On the Fundamental Limitations of the Optical Transparency of Dielectrics A. Matsko, OEwaves, Inc., Pasadena
October 6 Sputtered Depleted Uranium for Applications in Inertial Confinement Fusion H. Wilkens, General Atomics, San Diego
September 29 Classification of Topological Insulators and Superconductors A. Schnyder, Kavli Institute, UC Santa Barbara
September 22 Teaching Electrons New Tricks: Pure Spin Currents A. Hoffmann, Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois
September 15 The Radio and Infrared View of
Extreme Star Formation in the Local Universe
J.L. Turner, UCLA
September 8 Welcome meeting of the Physics Department Students, staff and faculty

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Academic Year 2007-2008

Spring 2008

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation

May 19 & 21

Student presentations Students enrolled in PHYS-691, 697, 698
May 12 No Colloquium. Department review
April 28 Magnetization Dynamics Excited by Spin-Polarized Current I. Krivorotov, UC Irvine
April 21 Heterostructures and Nanostructures Engineering of Complex Oxides J. Wei, Univ. of Toronto, Canada
April 14 Interaction of Composite Particles Z. Papp, CSU Long Beach
April 7 Engineering Dirac Fermions in Graphene A. Lanzara, UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab.
March 31 Spring Break  
March 24 Nuclear Spin Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanostructures I. Tifrea
March 17 Quantum Well Photovoltaics: Microscopic Theory and Numerical Simulations U. Aeberhard, Paul Scherrer Institute, ETH Zurich
March 3 Status of the Search for Gravitational Waves with LIGO A. Weinstein, Caltech
February 25 Bose Einstein Condensation, Superfluidity and the Quantum Hall Effect J. Eisenstein, Caltech
February 18 An Overview of Fusion Energy Research: Taming Turbulence and Transport in Magnetized Plasma T. Carter, UCLA
February 11 Computational Physics: An Improved Path for Physics Education? R. Landau, Oregon State Univ.
February 4 Magnetic Fingerprints K. Liu, UC Davis
January 21 Interstellar Travel at Superluminal Speeds- The Physics of a Warp Drive Z. Hlousek, CSU Long Beach

Fall 2007

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
10 & 17
Student presentations Students enrolled in PHYS-691, 697, 698
December 3 Cancelled  
November 26 Brain teasers using single molecules U. Mohideen, UC Riverside
November 19 Selected problems in few-body quantum mechanics Z. Papp, CSU Long Beach
November 12 Veteran's day: campus closed  
November 5 Tropical cyclones and upper ocean interactions Claudia Pasquero, UC Irvine
October 29 YBa2Cu3O(7-x) Coated Superconductors:
Forging Ahead with New Superconductors
P.N. Barnes, Air Force Research Laboratory, Patterson Base, OH
October 22 Femtosecond Lasers to Femtosecond X-rays F. Raksi, Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.
October 15 A Long, Strange Trip: Cascade Physics Program at CSUDH J. Price, CSU Dominguez Hills
October 8 The Search for Dark Matter J.L. Feng, UC Irvine
October 1 New Tools and Methods for Teaching Physics G.Pickett, Z.Papp, P.Kenealy, A.Bill, CSU Long Beach
September 24 Introductory lecture: Organic Semiconductors: Structural and Electrical Properties of Thin Films T. Gredig, CSU Long Beach
September 17 Special seminar: Contemporary Introductory Physics R. Chabay & B. Sherwood, North Carolina State Univ.
September 10 Meet the Students, Meet the Faculty, Meet the Staff! Members of the department

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Academic Year 2006-2007

Spring 2007

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
June 1 Commencement 2007 1pm south part of campus
May 14 & 16 Spring 2007 Student Presentations II Students enrolled in PHYS-691, 697, 698
May 7 Electronic Structure and Dynamics of Metal Nanoclusters V. Kresin, USC
April 30 First Oscillation Results from MiniBooNE M. Wascko, Imperial College London
April 23 Adaptive quantum design for nanoscience S. Haas, USC
April 16 DNA origami: Folding DNA to create nanoscale shapes and patterns P.W.K. Rothemund, Caltech
April 9 Spin transport and recent results on graphene R.K. Kawakami, UC Riverside
March 26 Investigating local properties in superconductors using scanning laser microscopy C. Kwon, CSULB
March 19 A New Look at Nuclear Forces: towards a simpler model of nuclear stability S. Moszkowski, UCLA
March 12 Scaffolding carbon nanotubes into single-molecule circuitry P.G. Collins, UC Irvine
March 6 How advances in science are made D. Osheroff, Stanford University
February 26 Patently interesting (well, maybe): An overview of patent law and patent attorneys S. Byers, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, law firm
February 19 Positronium-positronium spin exchange quenching collisions A. Mills, UC Riverside
February 12 Soft-pulse refocusing and decoherence for solid-state quantum computation L. Pryadko, UC Riverside
February 5 Ultrathin Ferromagnets: Basic Physics and Applications D.L. Mills, UC Irvine
January 29 Formation of Self Assembled Monolayers K. Wong, UC Riverside
January 25 Organic Nanosensors: Structure, Magnetism, and Charge Transport T. Gredig, UC San Diego
January 23 Astrophysics in the lab: Investigating accretion disk instabilities with rotating fluid flows M. Burin, Pomona College
Fall 2006
December 4 Weyl's scale invariance and the standard model of particle interactions S. Rajpoot, CSULB
November 27 Origami-inspired self assembly II G. Pickett, CSULB
November 20 Nonlinear Integrated Optical Devices in Silicon M. Hochberg, Caltech
November 13 Carbon Nanotube Based Nano-devices B. Bourlon, Caltech
November 6 The NASA Space Exploration Vision Plan Moon, Mars, and Beyond-Apollo on Steroids M.J. Sanders, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
October 30 Discovery of a Hot Geyser on Enceladus, the Icy Satellite of Saturn B. Buratti, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
October 23 Bits of the Past/Bits of the Future Magnetic Recording: History, Present, and Possible Future M. Carey, Hitachi Research Center
October 16 How Satellites Have Revolutionized Oceanography: A Historical Perspective J. Vasquez, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
October 9 Spin transport in magnetic tunnel junctions N. Kioussis, CSU Northridge
October 2 Origami-Inspired Self Assembly G. Pickett, CSULB
September 18 Formation of Self Assembled Monolayers on a Metal Surface K.L. Wong, UC Riverside
September 11 Quantum Balistic Motion C. Bracher, CSULB

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