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California State University, Long Beach
Office of Equity & Diversity
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The Americans with Disabilities Act in the Classroom

The ADA Can Protect you by:

Requiring that classrooms and regular meeting places be assigned to accessible rooms Requiring the use of tape recorders and/or notetakers, where appropriate Requiring the use of alternate format, readers, extra time, and/or alternate location for tests Allowing the substitution of specific courses to complete degree requirements - if they do not alter the fundamental nature of the program, or if they are not essential to the major

Do You Qualify?

  • Can you document your condition?
  • Have you advised the Disabled Student Services Office?
  • Have you notified your instructors?
  • Plan!
  • Be Prepared!
  • Be Reasonable!
  • Make Your Requests For Assistance Early


Read the University Catalog to know what the course requirements are. Register for your classes as early as possible. Let the Disabled Student Services (DSS) Office help you. Telephone (562) 985-5401. Read the course syllabus and all course requirements early. Keep a file. Notify DSS early if you need books on tape or Brailled.

Notify the instructor if you think that there is or will be some difficulty because of your disability.

Remember - you must contract with DSS and your instructor at the beginning of the semester to obtain appropriate accommodations.

For more information, contact:

Office of Equity and Diversity, 985-8256, USU 301 Office of Disabled Student Services, 985-5401, Brotman Hall 270 CSULB Office of Equity and Diversity April 2001