Katie Thiroux’s Debut Receives Awards

Dan Bilawsky from All About Jazz named Katie Thiroux’s debut album one of the Best Releases Of 2015. In his review, he wrote, “So how do you separate hype from reality? Simply open your ears and listen. That’s how you separate the wheat from the chaff, and that’s how you discover true talent like Katie Thiroux. This bassist-vocalist-composer is flat out phenomenal. Introducing Katie Thiroux may be a first step for this young triple-threat talent, but it plays like the work of a well-seasoned veteran.”

NPR Music polled 147 jazz critics on their favorite recordings of 2015. They named Katie’s album as one of the top 5 debut jazz releases.

Sal Lozano Releases New CD with Tom Kubis Tunes

Lecturer Sal Lozano released a CD called “Everything’s Gonna Be Great” with music by Tom Kubis. Dan Fornero calls it “simply a must-have for anyone who loves straight ahead-no-nonsense jazz.” Tom Ranier, Trey Henry, Ray Brinker, Mike Higgins, Joey De Leon, Alex Iles, Andy Martin,Charlie Morillas, Dave Moody, Brian Williams, Rusty Higgins, and Ron Stout also performed on the CD.

Sal was interviewed by Bret Pimentel about the album and his career.  When asked about the his job he replied, “The best part is playing music. Doing something I love to do. Hanging and playing with great players and writers and the joy of watching a student excel and succeed.”

Whittney Mikkel Auerbach Releases CD

Alumna Whittney Mikkel Auerbach released her first album on Oct 1. It is a 6-song original EP which was entirely self-produced over a period of 3+ years. It is a melting of pop-rock, folk, and electronica, with jazz and classical influences.

It is entitled “Before the Day” and features Bob Cole Conservatory alumni Joe Sanders ( tracks 2 and 5 / who also wrote the string arrangement for track 2, “The Storm”), Michelle Packman (tracks 2 and 3), and Miko Shudo (track 2).


Mostly Kosher Releases Sneak Peek

Mostly Kosher, with alumni Leaav Sofer, Mike King, Will Brahm, Eric Hagstrom, Casey Solow, has released a sneak peak of their new album.

Mostly Kosher is a klezmer band based in Southern California, but has the feel of Lower Eastside New York 1930s “radio show” and Depression Era elation and angst. Directed by the multi-talented clarinetist, pianist and singer, Leeav Sofer, in cahoots with Janice “Rachele the Matchmaker” Mautner Markham on violin and shtick. Band members also include Casey Solow, Mike King, Will Brahm, Adam Levy, Eric Hagstrom and Michael Bolger. Mostly Kosher continues to perform throughout Southern California with plans to tour the East Coast and Europe in the not too distant future.