Alan Shockley’s Toy Piano Miniature at International Toy Piano Festival

Pianist Mark Robson played Alan Shockley’s toy piano miniature “the reverse balducci” on his program at the International Toy Piano Festival in Tampa, Florida in mid-January.

In addition Dr. Shockley’s paper “Inversions of all this chambermade music”: ‘Napoleon Symphony, the Wake,’ and Mature Counterpoint’ has been accepted for the 25th International James Joyce Symposium hosted by the University of London this June.

Mandy Jo Smith Wins Graduate Student Paper Award

Mandy Jo Smith, musicology alumna now working towards her PhD at Case Western University, organized a session on rock drumming for the International Association for the Study of Popular Music. The session was standing room only, attended by major scholars of popular music as well as graduate researchers. Mandy Jo won the Graduate Student Paper Award at this conference for her presentation.

Sarah Gerk in Yearlong Residency

Alumna Sarah Gerk completed her Ph.D. in historical musicology at the University of Michigan. She is currently supported by a yearlong residency at the River Wind House, a writer’s residence in South Haven, Michigan, where she is writing a book on Irish influences on nineteenth-century American popular music.

Her article on Amy Beach’s “Gaelic” Symphony is forthcoming with the Journal of the Society for American Music, and her essay on Alice Cooper’s relationship with Detroit has recently been published in the book Heavy Metal, Gender, and Sexuality: Interdiscipinary Approaches. She has also written several entries for the new edition of the New Grove Dictionary of American Music and she is the author of the practice quizzes for the latest edition of Peter Burkholder’s A History of Western Music. 

She has presented research at national meetings of the American Musicological Society, the Society for Ethnomusicology, and the Society for American Music, as well as internationally at conferences on Irish music, nineteenth-century music, and heavy metal.

Elizabeth Shuman Gives Paper at Fall Voice Conference

Alumna Elizabeth Shuman, currently studying Medicine at UC San Francisco, presented a poster session at the Fall Voice Conference in San Antonio last weekend. She collaborated with faculty on the paper, “A Comparison of Laryngostroboscopic Examination Techniques in Asymptomatic Opera Singers,” as well as with the San Francisco Opera. The focus of this conference is the clinical care of patients with voice-related difficulties and how clinical and basic science research guide clinical care.

Dan Zanutto to present at Association of Popular Music Educators Conference

Dr. Dan Zanutto, who is currently enjoying a sabbatical has been asked to co-present with Jamie Knight at the 2nd Annual APME Conference (Association of Popular Music Educators Conference) June 19-21 at USC. They will discuss university/k-12 collaborations in developing popular music education programs.

Dr. Zanutto has also also been invited to speak at this summer’s Modern Band Symposium at Colorado State University, July 31-Aug 1. Over 200 teachers from across the country will be attending sessions.