Althea Waites to Solo with Southeast Symphony

Althea Waites will be guest soloist in a performance of the Beethoven Choral Fantasy for the opening concert of the Southeast Symphony. The orchestra is now in residence at First Congregational Church in Los Angeles.

“African-American music teachers were determined to create an orchestra where African-American musicians – most notably, their students – could learn orchestral repertoire and ensemble performance, a place where Blacks could prepare for careers in the great orchestras of the world and the music pits of Broadway and the opera world; a place where African-American musicians could prepare for the challenges of the recording studios of Los Angeles, and the movie studios of Hollywood; and even a place where African-American concert-goers could go to enjoy the music of the great masters in comfort. It was in this context that one of those music teachers, Mabel Massengill Gunn, gathered her colleagues, most who lived in an area of Los Angeles that is southeast of the city’s downtown sector, and formed The Southeast Symphony.” credit

Althea Waites on Chamber Music Series

Althea Waites performed on the Southeast Symphony’s new Chamber Music Series – “Up Close & Personal” at the First Congregational Church of LA. She performed with Anthony Parnther (on bassoon) and principal members of the Southeast Symphony for an evening of solo and chamber works.

The Southeast Symphony was established in 1948 to present and teach music to the diverse communities of Los Angeles. Anthony Parnther serves as their conductor.

Darrin Thaves Performs with Lake Union Civic Orchestra

Alumnus and Adjunct Flute Professor Darrin Thaves will perform the Lowell Liebermann Flute Concerto with the Lake Union Civic Orchestra in Seattle, WA on June 13th. He will also be the flute faculty for a sixth summer at the Midsummer Music Retreat in Walla Walla, WA. MMR is a camp for adult amateur musicians in Washington state wine country with an attendance of 250+ musicians annually.

Vocalogy on Tour

Vocalogy (with Christine and Gerhard Guter) will work with students and present workshops at the Mansfield University (Pennsylvania) annual vocal jazz festival on Thursday, May 1. They will also perform at the Niles North Vocal Jazz Festival in Skokie, IL, on April 26.

Dave Gerhart at Inland Percussion Festival

On Saturday, April 19, Dr. Dave Gerhart presented a clinic “The 21st Century Percussionist – Today, Tomorrow and the Future ,” coached the Los Osos Percussion Ensemble and performer his triangle solo “Pitch Drop” and Eugene Novotney’s “A Minute of News” at the Inland Percussion Festival. The IPF is committed to furthering the exposure of the art of percussion playing to southern California’s student musicians by acting as an outlet for healthy performance and collaboration of the region’s most talented percussionists.

Cellists at Los Angeles Violoncello Society

Cellos students of David Garrett — James Clark, Anthoni Polcari, Josie Boyer, Michelle Tambash, Sydney Moss, and Jeff Westcott — performed ensemble pieces by Handel, Humperdinck, and Led Zeppelin as part of the Los Angeles Violoncello Society’s annual ensemble concert.

Alumni Dawn Seward, Chris McCarthy, Lucy Cahuantzi, and Claire Mehm also performed on the program.

Darrin Thaves Performs with TCC Chamber Orchestra

Darrin Thaves performed the Bernard Molique Concerto for Flute and Orchestra with the TCC Chamber Orchestra (Tacoma, WA) on February 28th. In the winter, he was the flute adjudicator for the Seattle Flute Society Horsfall Competition (Middle School Division) and the SCSBOA All-Southerna California High School Honor Orchestra and Bands Auditions.

His group (Pacific Flute Ensemble) premiered “Truffel Hunt” by Jamison Alderson last weekend, the first of a series of commissions the group has sponsored.