Ryan Brown has several Premieres

Alumnus Ryan Brown’s work I Heard Bells from my Rotating House had its premiere performed by ZOFO duet in Berkeley. He also had Pipsqueak for solo piano, written for the Renee B. Fisher Piano Competition in New Haven premiered, and a large work performed by the Urban Playground Chamber Orchestra and dance at Queens College.  The Urban Playground Chamber Orchestra, a collection of musicians from the greater New York City area, collaborates anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. And his work “Bone,” commissioned by the Volti’s Choral Arts Competition, will be premiered May 16 and 17 at Z Space in San Francisco.

photo credit: Lenny Gonzalez

Joe Sanders Works with 20th Century Fox’s Recordist

Alumnus Joe Sanders, as one of eight Society of Composers and Lyricists composer interns, worked with John Rodd, music recording engineer for film, TV, and video games who has worked on projects such as World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Breaking Bad, as well as with Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Rodd is the orchestral scoring recordist at 20th Century Fox’s legendary Newman Scoring Stage.

Ryan Brown Gets Rave Review

The Examiner.com gave alumnus Ryan Brown a lengthy rave review of his new work for the piano duet ZOFU. After comparing the piece to Stockhausen’s “Zyklus,” the article explains, “I Heard Bells from my Rotating House” on the other hand, seems to have been composed with the “external” listener in mind. The image of different bells surrounding the rotating house is formed strictly in the mind of the attentive listener. What is important, however, is the way in which Brown provides that listener with cues indicating that the house is in motion. The result is intriguing without ever sounding excessively contrived; and ZOFO’s execution provides a clear account of those cues, even within the somewhat limited context of streaming video. You can hear the piece here.

Photo credit: Lenny Gonzalez

Alan Shockley’s Toy Piano Miniature at International Toy Piano Festival

Pianist Mark Robson played Alan Shockley’s toy piano miniature “the reverse balducci” on his program at the International Toy Piano Festival in Tampa, Florida in mid-January.

In addition Dr. Shockley’s paper “Inversions of all this chambermade music”: ‘Napoleon Symphony, the Wake,’ and Mature Counterpoint’ has been accepted for the 25th International James Joyce Symposium hosted by the University of London this June.

Seth Shafer’s piece at ICMC

Alumnus Seth Shafer’s piece Pulsar [Variant II] was performed at the International Computer Music Society at the University of North Texas where Seth is pursuing his doctorate. The piece for solo trumpet and live electronics explores two competing models of time: an unrelentingly fixed metrical time, and a type of static, or frozen time. Using echo and repetition as a point of departure, time is treated as a malleable material looking forward to the past and remembering the future.

Raymond Torres-Santos “Jubilum” Premiered

Organist Andrés Mojica gave the world premiere of Dr. Raymond Torres-Santos’s organ concert piece, Jubilum, in a sold out concert at the University Theater of the Puerto Rico University in San Juan. The concert included works from the standard organ repertoire by Bach, Mendelssohn and Widor. Dr. Torres-Santoaddressed the public in a pre-concert talk about the work. Subsequent concerts of the work include those at the University of Kansas in December 2, 2015 and the Methuen Memorial Hall in Massachusetts in June 15, 2016.

Joe Sanders Wins John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Alumnus Joe Sanders won the Grand Prize in the World category of the 2015 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. His song, “Kundiman,” was performed by Senior Kathleen Van Ruiten. “Kundiman” served as the music behind the credits of “The Last Arrow” a game produced by the Video Game Development Association at CSULB.

Joe scored “Zoe and the Price” which won Best Runner Up at the The 48 Hour Film Project. Filmmakers from all over the Los Angeles area competed to see who could make the best short film in only 48 hours. Joe started scoring at 5am and delivered everything at 4pm the same day.

Joe Sanders Selected for Film Scoring Internship

Alumnus Joe Sanders was selected to be part of the 2015-2016 The Society of Composers & Lyricists Mentor Program, through a very competitive national process. Activities in the program include sitting in on recording sessions, meetings with major agents, music supervisors and performing rights societies; and spending time with one of our mentor composers. Joe will have the opportunity to meet with and observe music editors, orchestrators, music copyists, scoring engineers, orchestra conductors, and studio musicians.

David Ortega at Harvard University’s Launchpad

Alumnus David Ortega spoke at Harvard University’s Launchpad, sponsored by the Children’s Media Association. His talk entitle Audio Branding for Children’s Media, was an interactive discussion on how to envision, shape and direct audio. David wrote the score for the most successful mobile franchise in Disney’s history: “Where’s My Water?” and its spinoff “Where’s My Perry?”