Christopher Johnstone Receives Rave Review

Alumnus Christopher Johnstone received a spectacular review of a recent Dallas performance of Evita (he’s playing Magaldi on the national tour).

“Johnstone possesses a remarkable tenor voice that fills the entire Music Hall. It is a clean tenor vocal with a vibrato that stays in total control. His belt flies into the rafters when he hits those high notes in his solo, “On This Night of a Thousand Stars”. … Johnstone dives deep into the character, giving Magaldi new emotional shades and subtext I had never seen before, and what he creates is outstanding. His stage presence is so magnetic that your attention continuously goes toward him… You can’t help but get a tad jealous of Johnstone’s trifecta of chiseled body, matinee idol looks, and magnificent singing voice – and the guy can dance like a pro…”

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