PST at Jazz Education Network 2014 – Comments from Attendees

“It was great meeting you {Christine} and hearing your fine ensemble. I loved hearing them perform challenging pieces with such finesse.  I’d be honored to present a clinic with your students some time in the future under one condition—that you reciprocate. :-)  No group can sound as good as yours without a master instructor at the helm!  So I’m sure there is much for my students and myself to learn from your approach.”
Cedric Dent (Former Member & Founder of Take 6, world renowned a cappella ensemble)

“You and your group can be proud of your accomplishments.  Tonight was another in a series of exemplary performances you have presented.  The charts you selected were excellent. The importance of “rendition” and personal “interpretation” was evident.  Hearing so many individuals present solos was inspiring and the scatting in you group continues to impress.  One final point, your group looks great.  They communicate the “story” and they truly enjoy themselves.  It shows.”
-Frank DeMiero (Owner, Sound Music Publications, world renowned vocal jazz educator)

“That was one of the best sets of live music I’ve ever heard/seen.  Does it get any better than that!?!?  We feel really honored to have shared the same stage with you at the reading session.”
Julia Dollison (world renowned vocalist, lead singer in Vertical Voices)

This year’s JEN conference in Dallas, had the best set of vocal jazz solo and ensemble performances at a national conference that I’ve EVER seen.  High level stuff, including Christine Guter’s CSU Long Beach “Pacific Standard Time” mainstage performance that just flat out sets the bar for all of us teaching at the college level.”
-Kerry Marsh (Director of Vocal Jazz, University of Northern Colorado, and world renowned jazz arranger)

“I have to tell you once again how blown away I was by the caliber of your group’s performance this past week.  I know you must be proud of your singers.  I was not only captivated by their 10+ musicianship, but by their total commitment to the performance.  It’s so exciting for those of us who’ve been through the mill with the growth of vocal jazz to see 20-something-year-olds so into what they’re doing.”
-Jeff Welcher (Director of Vocal Jazz, Syracuse University)

“I can’t even begin to tell you what a joy it was for me to see you and to hear your kids perform.  They were absolutely superb!”
-Larry Lapin (Former Director of Vocal Jazz, University of Miami, FL)

“Woke up still buzzing from the weekend!  As to the music… wow, what does one say? Christine’s group from CSU Long Beach was AMAZING!  It was such a complete and uplifting experience!  I cannot adequately express how satisfying and inspirational seeing and hearing so much great VJ music literally coming from one edge of the country to the other.  I laugh out loud at the thought of it!  Sick stuff!  Thank you all for a wonderful weekend!  We were truly blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of it with you.  My most sincere gratitude to all of you for all that you do!!!”
-Kelly Kunz (Groove for Thought musical director and founder)

“Your group truly blew us all away.  Such great singing, cool charts, and on and on!  It will be great to see some of your students in the spring, and hopefully we will have the chance to do some collaboration in the future.”
-Brennan Baglio (singer in Groove for Thought)

I’m grinning ear to ear!  I remain in awe of the terrific gift you are giving to the students of this country.  As I’ve been saying, the vocal jazz world is in good hands!  Thank you for all you do, and I hope our paths cross again soon.”
-Roger Emerson (nationally renowned vocal jazz arranger and educator)

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