Alex Miller in New England for Performances

Lecturer Alex Miller will be visiting New England for two performances of his compositions at the end of October.  Pianist Vincent Craig will be performing his work Actions & Resonances in a recital at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut, and shortly thereafter, Miller will be performing his own guitar solo Flatiron at the CMS National Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

World Percussion Concert filmed for “Panomundo”

The World Percussion Concert was filmed for an upcoming documentary called “Panomundo.” They also interviewed Dave Gerhart. “Panomundo” is a feature-length documentary that explores the history of the steelpan and its influence around the world. They have been filming all over the world (Switzerland, Japan, Africa, etc.) and CSULB will be representing the university steel bands in the USA.  The film is scheduled for March 2014 release. Extended Trailer.

Alan Shockley on 60×60 International Mix


60×60 is a one-hour music extravaganza featuring one-minute slices of new music. Alan Shockley’s die Tiefen des Rheins is featured on the International mix, this year celebrating the 10th anniversary of 60×60 International. According to Dr. Shockley, “Editing the live recording of my piece “glint in river’s bed” in two different editing programs generated these overdriven sounds. I extracted this miniature from this happy accident giving it the title “die Tiefen des Rheins”, since both works draw on the opening of Wagner’s music drama “Das Rheingold”.”

Run River North on NPR

Though their debut album won’t be released until late February, Run River North, with violinist Jennifer Rim, were the subject recently of a feature on NPR’s “Weekend Edition.”  Based in the San Fernando Valley where the band members’ families relocated from Korea, their snappy light rock and chamber folk frames their tales of their parents’ dreams and struggles to find purchase in America.

Adriana Verdie at University of Cuyo

Adriana VerdieThe University of Cuyo invited Adriana Verdie to teach a seminar in Musical Analysis, for the students in the Master in Interpretation of Latin- American Music of the XX-XXI Centuries in Mendoza, Argentina. While there, she also taught a teacher’s training workshop in Musicianship for the theory professors.

While in Cuyo, she gave a workshop entitled Una compositora argentina en el exterior, about my creative and professional activities in the US, had performances of two of her works, and is working closely with the librettist of her opera, her main sabbatical project.