Laptop Ensemble in Collaboration with Singing Actors Group from Seoul

The Laptop Ensemble just returned Italy. They performed “Voyage: Musical vignettes,” a staged collaboration with the Singing Actors Group from Seoul, Korea. Performances took place at Cantiere Oberdan, Spoleto, on July 9-12, 2013 as part of the Spoleto Open Festival sponsored by LaMaMa Umbria, where the Laptop Ensemble was in residence from July 2-13, 2013.

The collaboration: Traditional German Art song meets experimental laptop electronic music: staged  vignettes of songs by Schubert, Schumann, Strauss,
Brahms, Debussy connected with ambient textured soundscapes and
electronic music compositions based on remixes, mash ups, and
reconfigurations of the original songs. The staged work explores the intricacies and interactions of human existence, enveloping the audience with moments that speak to the joy, wonderment, humor, fragility, isolation, loss, and community that we

Directed by Byungkoo Ahn with musical direction by Martin Herman.

Participating composers: Glen Gray, Martin Herman, Justin Kennedy,
Matt Lourtie, Zach Lovitch, Eric Malczewski, Justin Scheid, Seth

Laptop performers: Glen Gray, Justin Kennedy, Matt Lourtie, Eric Malczewski
Technical Assistance in Spoleto: Zach Lovitch
Assistant Direction: Seth Shafer

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