Adam Gubman Interviewed about his Trailer Music

Alumnus Adam Gubman (BM Composition) was interviewed by Soundtracks and Trailer Music. Adam is working for Switch Trailer Music who will release an album of his cues for horror films entitled, Dark Matter.

Switch’s description of the album of cues is: “All 12 of these cues are orchestral horror in nature, meant for films that are more of your PG-13 narrative horror movies. You know, the kind that has a creepy little kid ghost, a haunted house, etc. Each of these cues tell somewhat of a story and create the perfect backdrop for these types of trailers. We wanted to create somewhat of a retro sound with this, so we recorded a full 57 piece orchestra together to really capture the continuity, emotion, and overall sound of the orchestra. In true switch. style, the album was mixed and mastered in epic 5.1 surround sound.”

You can read the interview with Adam here.

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