In Memoriam

The BCCM family lost two long-time members recently.

Hans Lampl conducted the CSULB orchestra from 1956-1983. He was also the resident conductor of the Rio Hondo Orchestra for 12 years, and was most well know for his work in opera and musical theater. Dr. Lampl received his DMA from USC and published a book, “Turning Notes into Music : An Introduction to Musical Interpretation.”

Doug Strawn met the Carpenters when they were students at CSULB. As he was quoted, he performed with them “from the garage to the Lear jets.” After leaving the Carpenters in 1979, he joined the Disney Corporation as a project promoter and rose to Director of Entertainment. Among the many duties he performed at Disney was being the official voice of Donald Duck for Walt Disney Attractions. He later became a successful motivational speaker.

Robin Cox’s Works to be Performed

Robin Cox’s recent collaboration with former Alvin Ailey Dance Company soloist Andre Tyson will premiere at the Disney’s RedCat Theater on 5/18 and a date TBA at Cal Arts.

June brings the first three performances at Loyola Marymount, Dance Home in Santa Monica, and at ARC Pasadena of his just completed “HOURGLASS II”, an hour-length composition for violin, cello, electronics, video, and community participation.

In July Cox will produce five live performances “HOURGLASS II”, at the 2013 Santa Cruz Fringe Festival. He will also perform solo violin music of Todd Reynolds for Stephanie Nugent’s commissioned choreography on Salt Lake City concerts celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company.

Chamber Choir Invited to NCCO

The Bob Cole Conservatory Chamber Choir Has been invited to the National Collegiate Choral Organization’s conference in Charleston, SC next year. Selection was made by a blind review process. The program, “Music is Feeling, Then, Not Sound” features solely the music of Dominick Argento.

Rolling Stones

The BCCM Choir’s performance with the Rolling Stones last night was deemed a “highlight” of the show by Yahoo Music. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” was the first encore at the SRO-Staples Center Opening of the 50 and Counting Tour.

You can watch a video of the tune here.

Kristine Forney Publishes Two Works

Kristine Forney (Musicology) has a scholarly article entitled “Renaissance Piety and Ceremony: Antwerp’s Speellieden at Work” published in Instruments, Ensembles, and Repertory, 1300-1600: Essays in Honor of Keith Polk, edited by Timothy McGee and Stewart Carter (Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols, 2013).

Dr. Forney also has recently published a new edition of her textbook; The Enjoyment of Music, 2nd Essential Listening Edition (W. W. Norton) appeared in March 2013.

Alumni to teach Summer Camp for young “Studio Musicians”

Alumni Nic Chafee & Justin Padilla, and bassist Chelsea Stevens will be teaching a “Summer Session @ The Woodshed.” The camp gives middle school and high school students an opportunity to become a “studio musician” for a week.


This workshop focuses on the styles prevalent in the modern recording studio, including film music, pop/rock, contemporary jazz and world music. Emphasis is placed upon the particular demands of the recording studio, including sightreading, playing to click or picture, multitracking, overdubbing and idiomatic improvisation.

This year, they are adding a second week of curriculum that is focused on jazz and improvisation. For further info, follow this link.