Jermie Arnold Conducts Maine All State Band

Jermie Arnold conducted the Maine All State Band on May 18th. The band consisted of 106 students from all across Maine Parents and fellow Music educators said it was one of the best All-State Band Concerts they had ever heard.

Mr. Arnold then traveled to New Haven, CT and spent three days in Charles Ives immersion.  He met with noted Ives Scholar James Sinclair, and Tom Duffy director of bands at Yale, and then spent hours pouring over Ives’ manuscripts housed in the Yale School of Music. He also traveled to Danbury, CT the birth place of Charles Ives.  A local Ives Scholar, Nancy Sudik, took him on a personal tour of over 100 miles in and around Danbury, including Putnam’s Park, one of the places of inspiration for Ives’s Three Places in New England. He hiked Pine Mountain and took pictures from the spot where Ives and his friends spent several summer days camping and where Ives may have conceived “Country Band” March and 1776

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