PST Headlines for the Oceanside Jazz Festival

Pacific Standard Time, directed by Christine Guter, was the headliner act for the Oceanside Jazz Festival last weekend at Mira Costa College. The festival has always engaged a professional ensemble to be the headliner, but this year PST was asked by the director of the festival to have the prime spot.

Noted jazz educator, Kelly Kunz, wrote, “I was sitting here today thinking again about your concert last night.  It was with no doubt, the best vocal jazz choir I’ve ever heard.  Great charts, strong rhythm section, great ensemble singing, really good sound, intonation and balance, tight, energetic and entertaining, the whole 9 yards.  I’m not one to gush or heap praise all that much, but I’m left without too many other words.  Your work, your group and those kids were so inspiring and have clearly become the model that others should be looking to.  It was joyous for me to witness such a high level of musical and personal integrity.”

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