Michael Malinowski Studies in Brazil

Alumnus Michael Malinowski (percussion) spent the past month in Brazil for Carnaval and studying/playing music. Studying a wide array of genres, he began in Rio de Janeiro and traveled along the coast to Recife, in the northeast.

While in Rio de Janeiro, Michael attended SambĂ´dromo. As he explains, “It’s a huge strip where the Rio Carnaval Parade happens where a bunch of groups have massive parades for a contest. Each of these top groups have about 4,000 people in them, fully decked out with costumes and floats. Each group has about 200 drummers too, and then a few singers with microphones and they sing ONE song over and over and the groups get judged… At the end of the last group people will rush to the floor, so that’s what I did.”

If you are interested in Brazilian music or culture you can reach him at: michaelfmalinowski@gmail.com

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