Carolyn Bremer

Carolyn Bremer

Associate Director, BCCM + Composition

Office: UMC-C304
Phone: 562-985-5895

Carolyn Bremer has been dubbed a composer driven by hobgoblins of post modernist cant. Bremer came to composition on the heels of intensive training as an orchestral bassist. Her catalogue contains works based on feminist symbolism (Athene), baseball (Early Light), and popular culture (It Makes Me Nervewracking). Recently, Bremer has incorporated her photography and music into multimedia works.

Bremer has had recent performances of her works at Carnegie Hall; in Germany, Norway, and Sweden; and for the gala 150th anniversary concert at West Point. Her commissions include the Symphony for WindBand, premiered by Ray Cramer at Indiana University; Returns of the Day, premiered by Thomas Dvorak at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Pieces of Eight premiered by the California State Honor band, and Spark, premiered by Adam Brennan at Mansfield University. CDs released since Spring 2002 include the El Paso Wind Symphony on Summit Records, the Heritage of American Band of the US Air Force, the Towson University Symphonic Band, and the Monarch Brass Ensemble.

Her work Early Light is a mainstay in the wind ensemble repertoire, receiving hundreds of performances each year. The original version for orchestra has been performed by professional orchestras including the Houston Symphony, California Philharmonic, Chattanooga Symphony, Oklahoma City Philharmonic, and Waco Symphony.

Bremer studied at the Eastman School of Music, CalArts, and received the Ph.D. in composition from UCSB. She was Chair of Composition at the University of Oklahoma from 1991-2000 where she held the O’Brien Presidential Professorship. Currently, she is a Professor of Composition/Theory and Associate Director of the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach.