Case Studies

Case Studies of past consultations

Thesis / Dissertation Consulting
Statistical consulting for a Ph.D. dissertation in Psychology. Statistical hypotheses were clarified and the data prepared for a multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA). The graduate student was coached in technical writing of statistical results and usage of SPSS software.

Faculty Research
Statistical consulting for a CSULB Linguistics faculty. Research objectives were clarified and a statistical approach was determined before data collection. The data were later analyzed using three-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) for independent and for repeated measures.

Data Mining of Hourly Power Costs
Analysis of hourly wholesale power costs for a regional power purchasing distribution facility in order to identify patterns of cost variations and create practical time tables for power management and pricing. Inferential statistics and data mining techniques were used on this very large database.

Sample Size Analysis for Biomedical Company
Researched accepted methodologies to evaluate a device's sensitivity. A Bayesian methodology was used to compute the sample size required to accept or reject the hypothesis.

Energy Predictions for a Corporation
Estimation of future diesel fuel prices for an international manufacturer. Government and nongovernment data sources were searched to create a database of likely influential variables used in a multiple regression analysis and a preliminary time series analysis to find the best predictive model.

Survey Questionnaire Design and Analysis
Survey questionnaire design and analysis for a local government agency. SCG created the questionnaire, scanned the filled forms, analyzed the data and provided a actionable report based on survey findings.