Our Team's contest results in 2007

ARML Southern California: Spring 2007

National honors for the B team! Jay and Tedrick in the top 10 indviduals!

2007: On June 1 and June 2, 2007, the Southern California A , B, and C teams competed in the American Regions Math League at Las Vegas, NV. The A team finished tied for 15th overall and tied for second at Las Vegas. The B team finished tied for 4th in B division (tied for 31st overall), thereby winning national honors in Division B. The C team finished 45th in division B (85th overall). Check www.arml.com for detailed results.

Jay Whang placed 3rd nationally on the ARML individual round (including the tiebreaker) and Tedrick Leung placed 7th. Others earning national ranking for scoring 7 out of 8 on the individual round were Jeffrey Manning of the A team and Jung Hun Koh of the B team.

For all of our teams combined, this was the strongest showing to date.

2007 Southern California ARML team members
Hardeep Ahdi Dos Pueblos HS (Goleta)
Patrick Chan San Marino HS
Eric Chang Troy HS (Fullerton)
Chun Kei Jacky Chen Mark Keppel HS (Alhambra)
Brian Bocong Cheng Arcadia HS
Suzie Chhouk Polytechnic HS (Long Beach)
Patrick Daly Palos Verdes Peninsula HS
Edward Dinh Rancho San Joaquin MS (Irvine)
Michael Hirshleifer University HS (Irvine)
Kenny Holstad Polytechnic HS (Long Beach)
Benjamin Holtz California Academy of Math and Science
Haruki Ikeda Woodbridge HS (Irvine)
Jinyoung Brian Jeong Palos Verdes Peninsula HS
Daniel Kiang San Marino HS
Ji Hoon Kim West HS (Torrance)
John Kim Dos Pueblos HS (Goleta)
Robert Kim Dos Pueblos HS (Goleta)
Jung Hun Koh South Pasadena MS
Adisa Kruayatidee Placerita JHS
Andrew Lee Northwood HS (Irvine)
Tedrick Leung North Hollywood HS
Jacob Levine North Hollywood HS
Johnny Li St. Margaret's School
Shotaro Macky Makisumi Polytechnic School (Pasadena)
Jeffrey Manning Homeschooled
Sergio Mata California Academy of Math and Science
Djordjo Milovic University HS (Irvine)
Alex Pusey St. Margaret's School
Shu Sharon Ren Temple City HS
Naomi Schurr California Academy of Math and Science
Kevin Shih Woodbridge HS (Irvine)
Ji Unn Song Woodbridge HS (Irvine)
Oleksandr Stubailo South Pasadena HS
Nicholas Su Dos Pueblos HS (Goleta)
Jim Tao Troy HS (Fullerton)
Yuxi Tian Irvine HS
Alex Truong Troy HS (Fullerton)
Kevin Truong Mark Keppel HS (Alhambra)
Solomon Wang Arcadia HS
Jay Whang Troy HS (Fullerton)
Zijian Wu North Hollywood HS
Mark Xia Troy HS (Fullerton)
Zhuo Aubrey Yang Arcadia HS
Emily Ye North Hollywood HS
Hanzhe Zhang University HS (Los Angeles)
Zhi Fan Ivan Zhang University HS (Irvine)
QiuYi Richard Zhang Univeristy HS (Irvine)