Our Team's contest results in 2004

ARML Southern California: Spring 2004

2004: Both site awards again and the Sobol award again, too! On June 4 and June 5, 2004, the Southern California A , B, and C teams competed in the American Regions Math League at San Jose, CA. The A team finished 15th in A division (17th overall) and won site honors in A division for being the top team at San Jose not winning a national honor. The B team finished 23rd in B division (48th overall) and won site honors for being the best B division team at San Jose. The C team finished 51st in division B (77th overall). Check www.arml.com for detailed results

Si-Hyun Kim from the 2003 team won the Zachary Sobol Award for outstanding contributions to his ARML team. Honors for having the highest individual round score on each team were awarded to Tedrick Leung from the A team, Ian MacLeod and Edward Bramston-Cook from the B team, and Christopher Chen, Shelly Brittain, Emilio Maglione-Fulco, and Alex Weile from the C team.

2004 Southern California ARML team members
Edward Bramston-Cook Long Beach Polytechnic HS
Shelly Brittain Santa Barbara
Isaac Chao Irvine University HS
Andre Chen Torrance West HS
Christopher Chen Polytechnic School (Pasadena)
Chun Kei Jacky Chen Mark Keppel HS
Edward Chen San Marino HS
Elizabeth Chhouk Long Beach Polytechnic HS
Kristin Cordwell Albuquerque
Robert Cordwell Albuquerque
Peiran Gao Irvine University HS
Brent Goldman San Marino HS
Jeremy Hahn San Diego
Oliver Hoidn Long Beach Polytechnic HS
Rong Hu Torrance West HS
Jihoon Kim Torrance West HS
Roger Lee Arcadia HS
Tedrick Leung North Hollywood HS
Jacob Levine North Hollywood HS
Yingkun Roger Li Mark Keppel HS
Meng Hsin Gloria Lin Arcadia HS
Ian MacLeod San Diego
Emilio Maglione-Fulco Santa Barbara
Shotaro Macky Makisumi First Avenue MS, Arcadia
Olga Mandelshtam Irvine University HS
Jeff Manning Pasadena
Will Nygard San Diego
Jay Park Fullerton Sunny Hills HS
M. Tip Phaovibul Huntington Beach Ocean View HS
Aditya Rajagopal Irvine University HS
Roberto Santana California Academy of Math and Science
Yinbo Shi San Diego
Khoi Nguyen Trinh Cerritos Gahr HS
Truong Nguyen Trinh Cerritos Gahr HS
Jackson Wang Irvine University HS
Richeng Richard Wang Mark Keppel HS
Jared Warner Santa Barbara
Alex Wiele Albuquerque
Takashi Yonebayashi Long Beach Polytechnic HS
Zhonglin Johnny Zhang Mark Keppel HS
Kent Merryfield Coach California State University, Long Beach
William Fitz-Gibbon Coach North Hollywood
Richard Rusczyk Coach Art of Problem Solving
Skona Brittain Coach Santa Barbara