Our Team's contest results in 2003

ARML Southern California: Spring 2003

2003: Both site awards and the Sobol award, too! On May 30 and 31, 2003, the Southern California A and Southern California B teams competed in the American Regions Math League at San Jose, CA. The A team finished 18th in A division (19th overall) and won site honors in A division for being the top team at San Jose not winning a national honor. The B team finished 13th in B division (35th overall) and won site honors for being the best B division team at San Jose. Check here for detailed results.

Robert Ikeda from the 2002 team won the Zachary Sobol Award for outstanding contributions to his ARML team. Honors for having the highest individual round score on the team were shared by Ankoor (Neil) Biswas and Roger Li from the A team and Connie Chen and Peiran Gao from the B team.

2003 Southern California ARML team members
Leesa Anzaldo California Academy of Math and Science
Prateek Bhakta Gretchen Whitney HS
Ankoor (Neil) Biswas Irvine University HS
Samnang Bou Long Beach Polytechnic HS
Ronald Chanou Long Beach Polytechnic HS
Andre Chen Torrance West HS
Connie Chen Westridge School for Girls
Yann-Shin Aaron Chen Cerritos Gahr HS
Elizabeth Chhouk Long Beach Polytechnic HS
Peiran Gao Irvine University HS
Hilary Havens Costa Mesa HS
Fred Hong Mark Keppel HS
Jean Kim Irvine Woodbridge HS
Pamela Lee Torrance West HS
Roger Li Mark Keppel HS
Steve Lin Irvine University HS
David Liu Gretchen Whitney HS
Julia Liu Irvine University HS
Olga Mandelshtam Irvine University HS
Christine Nee Irvine University HS
Andrew Park Cerritos Gahr HS
Jay Park Fullerton Sunny Hill HS
Jin Park Polytechnic School (Pasadena)
Brian Sa Irvine University HS
Roberto Santana California Academy of Math and Science
Jackson Wang Irvine University HS
Michael Woods Torrance West HS
Yakobus Yanuar Cerritos Gahr HS
Billy Yau Mark Keppel HS
Takashi Yonebayashi Long Beach Polytechnic HS
Raylene Yung Torrance West HS
Johnny Zhang Mark Keppel HS
Kent Merryfield, Coach California State University, Long Beach