Mathematics Colloquium Schedule

Fall 2017


Date: 10-27-2017 (11am-12pm, F03-200A), Dr. Donald Saari, UC Irvine.

Title: From Arrow's Social Choice Theorem to the compelling  "dark matter" mystery

Abstract: In this expository, general talk, it is shown how the muscle power of mathematics explains a major result in elections and group decision making (which asserts that what is obviously possible to do is, in fact, impossible), and connects it to a compelling mystery in astronomy--dark matter.


Date: 10-6-2017 (12pm-1pm, F03-200A), Dr. Stacy Musgrave, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Cal Poly Pomona 

Title: Coming Soon

Abstract: Coming Soon


Date: 9-22-2017 (11am-12pm, F03-200A), Dr. Matteo Mori, Department of Physics, UC San Diego

Title: From Macro to Micro and Back: Complexity, Simplicity and Optimality of Bacterial Cells

Abstract: Understanding how living cells work as a system requires to unravel how simple behaviors emerge from the complexity of the cell's molecular machinery. At the macroscopic level, coarse descriptions and simple "growth laws" can be used to understand the physiology of the cell. On the other hand, genome-scale models can be used to understand how simple "macro" behaviors emerge from the complexity of cellular metabolism. I will discuss a couple of examples of (only apparently) sub-optimal performances of bacterial cells, and the role of protein allocation models as a unifying framework for understanding cell physiology.