Mathematics Colloquium Schedule

Fall 2018

Date: 10-12-2018 (12pm-1pm, F03-200A), Dr. Curtis Bennett, Dean, CNSM, CSULB.

Title: Fibonacci and Lucas Analogues of Binomial Coefficients and What They Count

Abstract: In this talk we will first introduce and provide a little history of the Fibonomials. Next we provide a simple (and more useful than previous interpretations) description of an object the Fibonomials enumerate. We will use this new object to prove various Fibonomial analogues of standard identities on binomial coecients and discuss further generalizations using the Lucas numbers. Full Abstract

Date: 10-19-2018 (12pm-1pm, F03-200A), Dr. Naveen Vaidya, San Diego State University.

Title and Abstract: TBA