Math Day at the Beach 2008

Exams and Solutions
Individual Round (Part 1) Individual Round (Part 2)
Team Round Solutions


Individual Round Results
Rank Name School
1 Manning, Jeffrey Independent 1
2 Le, Vincent Independent 1
3 Jin, Tony Independents 2
4 Zhang, Zhifan “Ivan” University HS (Irvine)
5 Chan, Patrick San Marino HS
6 Whang, Jay Troy HS (Fullerton)
7 Song, Ji Unn Woodbridge HS (Irvine)
8 Yang, Zhuo “Aubrey” Arcadia HS
9T Daly, Patrick Palos Verdes Peninsula HS
9T Michon, David Northwood HS (Irvine)


Team Results
Rank School
Division A
1 University HS (Irvine) (overall champion school)
2 Arcadia HS
3 San Marino HS
4 Palos Verdes Peninsula HS
5 Troy HS (Fullerton)
Division B
1 Northwood HS (Irvine)
2 Palos Verdes HS
3 Chadwick School (Palos Verdes)
4 Loyola HS (Los Angeles)
5 California Academy of Math and Science (Carson)


The following schools will be in Division A for 2009:

North Hollywood HS
Mark Keppel HS (Alhambra)

The following schools will be in Division A through 2010:

University HS (Irvine)
Arcadia HS
San Marino HS
Palos Verdes Peninsula HS
Northwood HS (Irvine)
Troy HS (Fullerton)
Woodbridge HS (Irvine)
Palos Verdes HS