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3rd Annual Marine Biology Alumni Event

Sponsored by Marine Biology Students and Faculty

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

September 2008




CSULB Students Work the Table


Ed Mastro (Cabrillo Staff), Jill Grace, Alfonso Montiel, and Kim Anthony



Angela Llaban and Rowena Valderamma


Agustin Ojeda-Figueroa, Eric Zahn, Hayley Zemel



Alfonso, Tiffany Livermore, and Melanie Vardabedian



Bill Fouts and Joe Gully



Brian Livingston (Chair of Biology Department) and Steve Manley



Chris Lowe and Alyssa Floyd



Chris Lowe, Dean Laura Kingsford, and Brian Livingston


Chris Martin



Steve Manley and Kim Anthony


Danielle Rust



Greg Deets, Ju-shey Ho, and Penny Perkins



Charles Galt and Gwen Goodmanlowe



Charles Galt and Jeanne Bellemin



Colin Gully, Jeremy Freely, and Joe Gully


Jared Leewood, Marissa Velarde, Joseph See, and Kim Anthony



Laura Albert and Stan Asato



Leah Sloan, Justine Jones, Ellen Kosman, and Kay Dewar


Gwen Goodmanlowe and Jesse Dillon



Kristen Neal, Leah Sloan, and Kate Jirik


Bruno Passerelli and Lucia Acosta



Mrs. Ho, Mas Dojiri, Juli Kalman, David Weston, Penny Perkins, Greg Deets,

Ju-Shey Ho, and Mike Schaadt


Richa Luthra, Carrie Espasandin, Mario Espinosa


Ellen Cosman and Bruno Pernet



Bryan Sparacino , Jennifer Elliot and Juli Kalman



Tony Hanna, Debbie Zumwalt, Don Zumwalt


Bengt Allen and Christine Whitcraft



Bruce Adams and Steve Kurtz


Guest, Larry Axelrod, Alan Miller, and Suzanne Lawrenz-Miller



Wendy Chapman and Family



Rachel Mastro, Ed Mastro, and Laura Kingsford



Pat and Jim McKibben


CSULB Students


Sabrina Roberts, Kristen Alt, and Cheryl Bube (MBSA President)



Laura Kingsford, Ju-Shey Ho, Karen Gould (Provost, CSULB)



Chris Lowe, Mike Schaadt, Laura Kingsford, Ju-Shey Ho, and Karen Gould



Mike and Celeste Schaadt



Anastasia Shippey, Sabrina Roberts, Christine March, and Kristen Alt


Stella Swanson



Yvette Ralph and Bryan Sparacino


Chris Lowe and Kevin Sinchak, as gobies





Mas Dojiri honoring Dr. Ho



Dr. Ho, accepting his award

(with photos of the copepods he has described in the background)



Dr. Ho, Juli Kalman, and Mrs. Ho



Erin Vincent and Ju-Shey Ho

- all photos by Gwen Goodmanlowe and David Nelson -