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6th Annual Marine Biology Alumni Event Honoring Dr. Charles Collins

Sponsored by Marine Biology Students and Faculty

Hall of Science, CSULB

October 2011





Adel and Amelie Rajab


Bonnie Rogers



Ed McLaughlan and Jeff Johnson


Heather Gliniak and Hayley Zemel



Kristy Forsgren and Hayley Zemel


Nicholas Mills


Ken Corey & Tom Gerlinger



Kathy Keane



Tom TinHan


Liesl and Darrin Greenstein



Alan Miller and Laura Kingsford (Dean)



Chuck Galt and Jim Cvitanovich



Dominic Belletti and Gwen Goodmanlowe


Jeremey Freely, and Joe and Penny Gully


Jesse Dillon and Christine Whitcraft


Mike, Erin, and Celeste Schaadt




Kristy Forsgren and Chuck Galt


Sarah Zito




Nathan Mudry


Connie Boardman



Chuck Galt and Steve Manley


Barbara (Babs) McCoy



Alan Miller and Kristy Forsgren


Brittney Seeley and Guest



Charlie and Pat Collins


Chris Lowe, Mary Parcel, and Chrsitine Whitcraft



Candice Till, Bob Schallmann, and David Huckaby


Cameron Barrows and Guest, Bengt Allen and Anne Mabin



Hayley Zemel and Chuck Galt


Jesse Dillon



Jim Demetroulis


Kay and Dominic Belletti




Kevin Sinchak



Lisa and Ed Mastro



Mike Farris



Ken Corey



Marissa Velarde



Pat Collins and Don Reish



Janice Reish


Shannon Snyder




The Zembals


Tom Ryan


Valerie and Mike Taylor, with Tom Ryan


Yvette Ralph



Kathy & Bill Schew


Charlie Collins



David Huckaby


Gwen Goodmanlowe and Chuck Galt



Joe Gully


Kate Jirik



Karen O'Donnell and Guest


Jim and Joyce Archie



Bengt Allen, Danielle Lasseigne and Calvin Won



Bill Schew and Kay Belletti



Catalina 2009 Students


Lareen Smith, Christine March, and Bonnie Rogers



Ken Corey and Anne Staskewicz


Ben and Tom Douglass



Matt Tuetimez


Maritza Franco and Rowena Valderrama


New Marine Biology Students!



Jesse Ohde, Emily Meese, Kelly Voss, Kristin Privitera-Johnson with Charlie Collins



- all photos by Chuck Galt and Steve Manley-


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