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4th Annual Marine Biology Alumni Event

Sponsored by Marine Biology Students and Faculty

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

September 2009




Justine Jones and Serena Proctor


CSULB Students



Raymond Wells and Larry Axelrod


Wendy and Brian Livingston (Dept. Chair)



Chris Scianni and Jesus Reyes



Jill Grace, Suzanne Lawrenz-Miller, Juli Kalman



Heather Gliniak and Kim Anthony


Dwight Causey signing autographs



Jesse Dillon, Erin Vincent, Christine Whitcraft, and Jon Pompa


Stella Swanson and Jennifer Morrison



Mario Espinoza and Agustin Ojeda-Figueroa


Shannon Snyder and Chris Lowe




Gwen Goodmanlowe, Alan Miller, and Don Reish


Ryan Antes and Zed Mason



Bruno Pernet and Ellen Kosman


Lisa and Ed Mastro



Rachel Witter and Thomas Farrugia




Shannon Snyder, Nancy Glass, and Yvette Ralph


Laura Kingsford (College Dean) and Gwen Goodmanlowe




Kim Anthony receiving  service award from Erin Vincent



Marine Lab Volunteers with Kim Anthony

(Erin Vincent , Colin Sayre, Joseph See, DJ Schuessler, Kim,

Sarah Anderson, Lauren Shiosaka, Jared Leewood, Melissa Velarde)


Let the fun begin!



Christine Whitcraft



Chuck Kopzak


Larry Axelrod


Jill Grace



Juli Kalman crowning Alan Miller



Larry Axelrod, Alan Miller, and Dan Robinette


Dan Robinette


Alan receiving his Award



Alan and some of his students



Juli Kalman, Alan Miller, and Jill Grace


Alan and his special hat



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