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Welcome to California State University, Long Beach!  Our University is one of only a handful of schools that offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology; many other schools offer a marine biology specialization or option with their biological sciences degree. 

This degree, under the auspices of the Department of Biological Sciences, is designed both for students considering graduate work in marine biology and ecology, and also for those seeking positions in private industry and governmental agencies. We also offer a Master of Science Degree in Biology.


We are located only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, where you will have the opportunity to study many organisms and processes in the field, and in the lab.  In addition to this environmental emphasis, faculty expertise in cellular and molecular biology, applied to environmental problems in the Southern California Bight, provide another area for student interest.

We have four boats used for research and teaching, and are associated with the Southern California Marine Institute with use of their three large Research Vessels.  We have a recently renovated Marine Lab on campus where we house organisms for teaching and research.

We are located in close proximity to Catalina Island, where you can enroll in a special Catalina Semester in Fall semesters, which is run by CSULB and several other local CSU campuses.  In addition, we are close to two public aquaria, the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific and the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, and two marine mammal stranding centers, Marine Mammal Center at Fort MacArthur, and Pacific Marine Mammal Center.  Each of these institutions offers a variety of volunteer and internship opportunities. 

At CSULB, you will get a broad education in the sciences with calculus, chemistry, and physics courses, in addition to a solid background in the biological sciences with courses such as general biological sciences, biological statistics, ecology, genetics, molecular cell biology, and animal physiology.  You will also learn about a wide variety of marine organisms in courses covering overall marine biology, along with marine algae, fishes, and invertebrates.  Furthermore, we offer specialty electives in marine microorganisms, marine mammalogy, aquatic toxicology, fisheries conservation, marine community ecology, giant kelp ecology, fish physiology and endocrinology, tropical marine ecology, field methods in ecology, regression analysis, multivariate statistics, global information systems, and physical oceanography (see B.S Degree Courses).


Along with these excellent course offerings, you can obtain undergraduate research experience by working with our faculty in their labs (see individual Faculty Homepages).  We accept both transfer students and incoming freshman.  Check out the links within these pages for more information about our program! 

For more information about California State University, Long Beach, please see the CSULB link.   For information on how to apply to our university, please see the How To Apply link.

Want to know more about life as a marine biology student at CSULB?  If so, check out the Marine Biology Student Association (MBSA) page or find them on Facebook!


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