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California State University, Long Beach
Geological Sciences

Los Angeles Basin Subsurface Data Center (LABSDC)

We are a geological data center open to all members of the scientific community, including consulting geologists, those working for companies or government agencies, students, and faculty. We specialize in well data for the Los Angeles Basin and surrounding parts of Southern California as far north as the southern Ventura County line.

Our holdings can be inspected by anyone by appointment (contact information is below). We can arrange for digital and/or paper copies to be made for you at cost. If you provide us with well names and township/range/section locations we can pull the appropriate files before you arrive.

LABSDC is affiliated with the Department of Geological Sciences at California State University Long Beach. As such LABSDC is part of a non-profit organization and all donations that are made are used for maintenance and improvement of the data files. Currently most of the data files are paper records. Our efforts focus on preparing an electronic database of our files, and digitizing the files themselves. Many of our clients have files they are interested in scanned, and a copy of those scans is kept by LABSDC. We welcome any donations of funds to further these efforts, as well as donations of data files.

LABSDC has a number of collections of data, primarily oil and gas well logs, drilling reports, seismic data, maps, and cross sections. Among our holdings are:

  • Well files donated by Chevron covering Southern California south of a line at the latitude of Ventura; about 14,000 wells are represented, with paper logs, drilling reports, and some paleontologic and other reports.
  • Microfiche well files for southern California representing about 30,000 wells drilled before 1980, donated by Dr. Peter Fischer of California State University Northridge.
  • Well files and directional well maps of several fields in the Los Angeles Basin prepared and donated by Dr. Robert Yeats of Oregon State University.
  • Well files and other information donated by Russ Simonson.
  • Offshore maps and paper seismic and echo sounder data for southern California donated by Dr. Peter Fischer of California State University Northridge.

Contact Information

Robert D. Francis, Director

phone: (562) 985-4929
Geology Department Office (562) 985-4809