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California State University, Long Beach
Geological Sciences

Greg Holk

Gregory J. Holk

Associate Professor

Office: HSCI, Room 316
Phone: 562 985-5006
Fax: 562 985-8638

Educational Background:
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, Geology, 1997
M.S., California Institute of Technology, Geology, 1991
B.S., Arizona State University, Geology, 1989

Courses Taught:
GEOL102, General Geology, each fall semester
GEOL250, Introduction to Field Methods, each fall semester
GEOL300i, Earth Systems and Global Change, each spring semester
GEOL461, Introduction to Geochemistry, each spring semester
GEOL450, Summer Field Camp, each summer semester
GEOL554, Environmental Geochemistry, every other fall semester
GEOL570, Special Topics, Isotope Geochemistry, every other fall semester
ES&P400, Environmental Science and Policy Capstone, taught spring 2005, 2006
GEOL462, Physics and Chemistry of Earth's Interior, every three years

Laboratory Facilities:
Founding member of IIRMES
The CSULB Stable Isotope Laboratory:

  • ThermoFinnigan DeltaPlusXP light isotope mass spectrometer
  • Thermocombustion elemental analyzer with gas chromatograph
  • ThermoFinnigan GasBenchII online gas preparation and introduction system
  • Vacuum line that employs fluorine to extract oxygen from rocks and minerals

Integrated Spectronics Portable Infrared Mineral Analyzer (PIMA)
Linkam fluid inclusion system

The Geoscience Diversity Enhancement Project:

  • Field and alteration studies of the San Gabriel Fault, Southern California
  • Structural and hydrothermal evolution of the Southern White Pine Range, Nevada

Master's Thesis Projects:

  • Ekaterina Tumakova: Groundwater mixing in the San Gabriel Valley aquifer
  • Denitsa Toneva: Hydrothermal systems during shallow detachment faulting

Current Research Projects:

  • Fluid Evolution of the Eastern Peninsular Ranges Mylonite Zone
  • Deep infiltration of meteoric water into metamorphic core complexes
  • Isotopic mapping of hydrothermal systems associated with VMS deposits
  • Petrology of the Catalina Schist at the Palos Verdes Hills, Southern California